URI CPAPSleep experts mostly talk about CPAP all the time. For many individuals, CPAP is a life-saving treatment for monitoring disruptive sleep apnea. People who do not treat their disruptive sleep apnea become high-risk individuals for almost every main chronic health condition. Best CPAP is always concerned about your well-being and it ensures you get the best CPAP machine.

However, for a number of people, CPAP is an ideal fit since the very first night, other people require time to modify, and they normally have side effects that come from the PAP treatment which makes them uneasy. There is no need to pass over any of these popular difficulties with using CPAP treatment since they all have descriptions in addition to solutions.

In this CPAP Con Highlight, we will look at four common concerns experienced by CPAP users.

How Often Should you Replace CPAP Tubing?

Infections of the Sinus

These occur because of using unclean CPAP. The infection of the sinus is very common.

Sinus Infections that Make Using CPAP Hard

You can as well get a sinus infection which has nothing to do with CPAP usage. CPAP also makes the symptoms more severe. Tissues in the sinus, ears, and throat, get inflamed making it difficult to use CPAP. 

Infections of the Sinus That  Result After Using CPAP

CPAP machineThis mostly results from bad cleaning and poor maintenance of your CPAP system. Sinus infections are also caused by the CPAP filters not being disposed of and replaced every month. The interior and fixed filters should also be managed regularly.

Also, the chances of breeding molds, bacteria, or other microorganisms could be increased by keeping your humidity chamber, mask, or tube unclean.

To avoid this, keep your equipment clean and keep your DME clean on a regular basis to check your machine if there’s any internal mold growth.

Facial marks

Some people wake up after a CPAP night with distinctive red markings.

The use of CPAP also leads to a minor swelling of the skin; combined with an over-stretched mask, “sleep marks” may take time to disappear.

These marks may also be noticed by people with sensitive skin due to skin allergy or intolerance to mask materials.

Solution: You should order special mask liners or face pads made from soft materials that will not irritate the skin if you are allergic to those types of material.


After a night on CPAP, you may feel excessive belching, bloating, or flatulence, both of which are symptoms of what is generally known as aerophagia, the ‘swallowing air.’

It’s a typical issue for CPAP users for the first time. Some of the explanations for this are:

Oral breathing – When you breathe through the mouth when you are using a nasal CPAP mask, you normally introduce more air into the esophagus that cannot escape to anywhere else hence it fill-up in the stomach

The solution is using chin support to hold your mouth since it allows you to close it during sleep, improve your gassiness symptoms and improve the efficacy of your PAP care.


This term is used in the tube used in your CPAP system to identify issues with dripping condensation. In most CPAP machines there is air moisture and a warm humidifying chamber.

This is built to give you full convenience. It can also, however, create an unnecessary accumulation of moisture in your CPAP tubes, which may breed bacteria and can accidentally be inhaled if the mask is put on during its usage.

can CPAP cause sore throat Solution: Heated CPAP tubing allows you to reduce condensation problems, particularly when you are sleeping in a cooler room (as is typically recommended) during treatment.

In order to improve the separation of the tube and air pressure, you can also buy a fleece CPAP tube isolator.

Also, make sure that you position your CPAP machine on a stand below your head level when you are sleeping. This allows gravity to function for you; a CPAP machine higher in height than your head dries condensation directly onto your mask.

Finally, if you encounter rain, keep your tubing dry and clean when used, as it prevents microorganisms that can lead later to health issues from increasing.

Are you having any issues with your CPAP, ensure you get the right machine and BestCPAP has the quality machines that ensure you are comfortable. Call us today! 

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