Soclean2 CPAP Machine Cleaner Manual FAQs

The use of the Soclean2 cleaning and sanitizing machine is on the rise. As a result, most users have raised concerns on how to use a Soclean machine. Below are several so clean use FAQs and their corresponding answers from Soclean 2 experts.

How Often Should You Use Soclean Machine?

Cleaning CPAP Machines with Soclean2Remarkably, you can use the Soclean 2 machine as many times as possible. It is designed to run throughout several cleaning and sanitizing process without fail.

Does the CPAP equipment get wetness from the SoClean?

Not at all! The SoClean disinfects using activated oxygen. There is no use of fluids or water in this cleaning process.

How do I know that the SoClean is disinfecting and cleaning correctly?

After the disinfecting procedure is completed, the status indicator light on the device will shine green. You can read the Soclean user manual to ascertain this.

Is the SoClean harmful to the user or environment?

Absolutely no. The same sanitizing technology utilizes activated oxygen and is safe to the user and the surroundings. Similar technology is used to produce and drinking water. The SoClean generates activated oxygen in a closed system that is used to disinfect the CPAP equipment.

Is the scent left by the SoClean too strong for me?

When a Soclean machine if producing a scent, users develop a worry concerning how to use soclean 2. If the smell is still strong for you, try any of these steps:

  1. Run your PAP for 20 seconds to allow any residual scent to blow out before wearing your mask at bedtime.
  2. Set the timer so that the machine runs earlier in the day to allow any remaining scent to dissipate by nighttime.
  3. Increase the cycle duration time to about 12 minutes for several days. Afterward, reduce the time to your preferred setting. It is worth noting that a strong odor usually shows a high amount of oxidized organics.

What materials should I avoid putting into the SoClean?

Using Soclean2 for CPAP DisinfectionAll nylon and natural rubber materials break down when exposed to activated oxygen. That is why manufacturers avoid using these materials in their reservoirs, hoses, masks, or headgear. It is advisable to contact your PAP manufacturer or supplier if you have questions or concerns for better solutions.

What Should I Do if My Mask feels oily?

Skin chemistry and composition is unique. Users keep on asking – how often should I use my Soclean machine? Individuals with an oily skin type may require to hand-wash the mask regularly.

What if the Indicator Light Does not Shine After a Scheduled Cleaning Time?

That implies that the SoClean did not complete a disinfecting cycle successfully. Common reasons for this include the lid being not securely closed, there was no mask in the chamber at cleaning time, or the hose slot plug was missing or not correctly fitted.

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