CPAP humidifier settingsDuring and after night care, most users of CPAP will have dry, scratchy throats. It’s very normal for new users who are still getting used to their equipment to experience some problems. With the sore throat, it is very uncomfortable and uncomforting to CPAP and this could also mean that the CPAP treatment is not working properly. In case you feel that your CPAP is not working properly, contact our customer care at BestCPAP and we will help you where we can.

Furthermore, a CPAP sore throat may cause users to fail to sustain or completely cease their therapy. It is therefore necessary to resolve the problem properly in order to obtain successful treatment of sleep apnea in both health and wellness benefits.

To make sure that your procedure reaches the best outcomes you can do some things to alleviate or remove signs of a painful throat in your CPAP equipment.

How to deal with a sore throat from CPAP

Try an alternate mask style.

In case your CPAP mask does not fit appropriately, it could result in poor air seal across your face, which could make air leaks that dry off your airways, leading your throat to have some soreness and scratchy feelings. In addition, an uncomfortable mask could result in making you adjust it often all through the night or removing it while you sleep, further making your airways dry.

One stride you could take to therapy these issues is to try a number of styles to place your mask. In case the sore throat is an issue for you, see whether you have a total-face mask or full-face mask that covers both your nose and mouth to help in keeping moistness while making a comfortable seal.

Though a number of users could find these kinds of masks strange or puzzling in the beginning, that is a feeling which would disappear after a few nightfalls. You could as well replace mask types to remain comfortable with no drying out.

Think about in-cooperating a chinstrap

Some CPAP users have problems sleeping with their mouth falling apart which makes their therapy less suitable and can lead to the irritated and dried-out throat. If you comply, a chinstrap may be a practical alternative for just $15-$25 which could put your closed while you sleep to prevent air pressure loss and ensure that moisture does not escape or dries out your throat.

Using your CPAP system with a humidifier.

You can use CPAP to moisturize your machine if you have no issues with the way your mask suits or when your mouth opens when you sleep. It is a normal part of the CPAP apparatus that the modern machines either include the alternative or have them built right to add one which disconnects. Most of the day you will not dry out overnight, but only a small amount of surplus humidity is required.

CPAP throat infectionThe good news is that the CPAP mask or the appliance could be changed or adjusted by patients to prevent most CPAP problems. Nasal discomfort may be minimized, for instance, with the use of a humidifier, decongestant, or nasal spray. Furthermore, it may also be beneficial to get used to positive air pressure in the nose and mouth by allowing the CPAP machine to ramp up slowly as the patient goes to sleep.

Patients are most often stopped from using CPAP because of nasal congestion, breathing difficulties when air passes through the mask, dry or extreme throat, leakage of air from the mask, or sore spots on the nose and face. All these common problems are solved by new CPAP machines like the Resmed S9, which provide a much greater chance for patients to use the machine each night.

In addition to using a saline spray in each NOS before going to bed, some physicians suggest that nose decongestion be performed. Many CPAP users complain of nasal inflammation and dry or sore throat. But without any medication, the problem can only be resolved by using a CPAP humidifier which provides the forced air with moisture. The CPAP Resmed S9 has a built-in damping system that provides the best temperature and humidity automatically to ensure the condensation is not in the mask or in the tube and that sleep therapy is done comfortably. The tube is then heated so that the air that passes through the mask stays at the correct temperature to avoid condensation. Chinstrap can often help to keep your mouth closed during sleep and to reduce the sore throat and dry throats. BestCPAP will always ensure your health comes first. Call us today for the best advice concerning CPAP Machines. 

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