The Importance of a CPAP Cleaning Device

Use a CPAP cleaner to sanitize your sleep apnea device

CPAP technology is the best solution to sleep apnea. However, a dirty CPAP device can cause a ton of health issues, which creates the need for a quality CPAP cleaning machine.

Use a CPAP cleaner from Best CPAP Cleaners to sanitize your CPAP equipment.

If you have sleep apnea, you most likely use a CPAP machine to treat your symptoms. A CPAP machine uses continuous positive air pressure to help regulate your breathing and prevent your airway from closing during sleep. Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep disorder because it can lead to excessive daytime fatigue, which can result in car or workplace accidents.

Sleep apnea is also related to other health concerns, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes. As you can see, this is a severe illness, and it is essential to get treatment from a doctor to see if they feel you might benefit from CPAP sleep therapy.

CPAP Sleep Therapy

Using a CPAP machine can be a very effective way to treat sleep apnea. A CPAP machine will give you relief from many of the symptoms of sleep apnea. This prevention can help prevent other medical concerns. A CPAP machine and its equipment need regular cleaning and maintenance to provide the best results. Unfortunately, the manual cleaning process for most CPAP equipment can be messy, time-consuming, and unreliable. That is why many people choose to use a CPAP cleaning device. Learn more about CPAP cleaning devices below so that you can determine if you need to get one to help keep your CPAP machine clean.

CPAP Cleaning Devices

A CPAP machine is made up of a humidifier, mask, tubing, and a pressurized air compressor. The attachable equipment that goes on the CPAP device itself can be difficult and time-consuming to disinfect. That is why many people use a CPAP cleaning device like the ones below. A CPAP cleaning unit is a machine that cleans your CPAP equipment for you.

  • Lumin – The Lumin  CPAP cleaning device cleans your CPAP machine in just five minutes after you put your mask in the cleaning chamber. You do not even have to take your CPAP mask and hose apart. Lumin uses light to kill 99% of germs and bacteria. The Lumin cleans your CPAP headgear, mask, and humidifier tank, but can not sanitize your hose. Unlike any of the other CPAP cleaning devices on the market today, the Lumin is designed to clean some other small household items like hearing aids, hair combs, toothbrushes, and eyeglasses. The Lumin also has an optional accessory call the Lumin Bullet. This device uses a magnetic pull and UV light to disinfect your CPAP hose.
  • SoCleanSoClean is another CPAP cleaning device. With this device, ozone is used to kill 99% of germs and bacteria. This device only takes ten minutes to clean your CPAP machine. Unlike the other sanitizing units, the SoClean is unique because it allows you to connect your CPAP device to it and leave it attached even when using your CPAP. This makes it so all you need to do each morning is place your mask into the cleaning chamber and shut the door. There is no need to empty the water chamber or attach or reattach any of the hoses. With the touch of a button, the cleaning cycle will begin, and your CPAP equipment will be ready to use in no time.
  • VirtuClean – Like SoClean, VirtuClean also uses ozone to kill 99% of germs and bacteria. All you have to do is connect your CPAP tubing to the VirtuClean device and then place the mask portion of your CPAP into the cleaning bag, and it cleans your machine’s equipment for you in just thirty minutes. After the VirtuClean device has finished cleaning, it turns itself off. Dissimilarly to the other two machines, VirtuClean does not have to be plugged in to be used and is also a very compact and lightweight cleaning device, which makes it very easy to travel with and store. The cleaning bag that is used during the disinfection process doubles as a travel case.

These are just a few of your CPAP cleaning device options. As you can see, they all offer the added convenience of not having to clean your CPAP machine yourself. They also provide peace of mind to know that your CPAP machine has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and there is no drying time needed before you can use it. Learn more about when you may need a CPAP cleaning device below.

When Do You Need A CPAP Cleaning Device?

The truth is, using a CPAP machine does not require you to have a CPAP cleaning device to keep it clean; however, for many people, it is a matter of convenience and proper sanitation to have one. You will use your CPAP machine every night when you sleep, so it can quickly collect unwanted germs, bacteria, and even mold.

How does your CPAP machine collect germs and bacteria?

Your CPAP device has a humidifier to keep the air warm and moist to make it easier on your mouth and throat. Unfortunately, this results in a damp and temperate environment that is perfect for growing mold and some fungi. Your CPAP mask also collects germs and bacteria from the air you breathe and off of your face as well as out of your mouth. Due to the nature of how your CPAP machine works, you risk breathing in those germs when you put on your CPAP at night. The presence of these elements can make you sick. You can get a sore throat, airway irritation, and more from a dirty CPAP machine, not to mention some of the bacteria that are in your mouth that can get on your mask can cause foul odors and a buildup of biofilm. That is why it is essential to clean your CPAP machine regularly.

Choose to Clean Your CPAP Equipment with a CPAP Cleaner

Best CPAP Cleaner carries a variety of CPAP Cleaning devices like Lumin and VirtuClean that will work with most CPAP masks and hoses.

To avoid breathing in the germs and bacteria, you want to keep your CPAP machine clean. You can do this with soap and water, but this can be a time-consuming, messy, and tedious process. Using a CPAP disinfection unit is a much easier way to ensure everything gets as clean as possible. If you use a CPAP-sanitizer, you could be doing as little as pushing a button to turn the cleaning device on and let it do all the work. Many people choose to use a CPAP cleaning device because it saves them a lot of time, and it is more effective at cleaning the equipment and killing germs.

If you use a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea, you should consider getting a CPAP cleaning device. You can learn more about CPAP cleaners here.

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