Adjusting to life with a CPAP machine is sure to involve some trial and error. Each person must find his or her own comfort level and the best way to wear the mask. However, established CPAP users have found some tips to make the adjustment process more manageable. Here are some of the top tips and tricks that CPAP users have discovered over the years to get the most relief while using a CPAP machine.Top 6 Hacks to Get the Most Relief Out of Your CPAP Machine

  • Moisturize Your Face Before Bed
    • While it’s important to keep your face clean of dirt and bacteria when you put your mask on, adding a little moisturizer to your skin will help the mask stay where you place it and form a seal with your skin. After washing away the dirt that has accumulated throughout the day, rub a small layer of moisturizer or body lotion onto your face.
  • Use Wipes to Clean Your CPAP Mask
    • Cleaning your mask often can work against you if you don’t leave enough time to let it dry properly. The added moisture left behind in the mask can promote mold and mildew growth close to the area where you’ll be breathing air in. If you don’t have time to wash your mask each morning and leave it out to dry, use sanitizing wipes to eliminate bacteria in the edges of the mask without leaving moisture behind.
  • Wear Extra Chapstick to Bed
    • Mouth breathers may find that the added pressure while sleeping causes lips to chap and crack. This might start as a small annoyance, but over time it can become painful and cause your lips to bleed as the skin breaks. Wearing extra lip balm at bedtime will prevent the skin from cracking over the course of the night. This can be especially helpful in winter months when the cold, dry air you’re exposed to daily is already sapping most of the skin’s natural moisture.
  • Keep the Unit Clean to Avoid Infection
    • Using a dirty CPAP machine can lead to respiratory infection and other health issues. Keeping the unit clean stops the increased potential of this happening by eliminating irritants and bacteria from the air supply. If you have a hard time getting the components clean with soap and water, investigate getting a CPAP machine cleaner and sanitizer. These machines make it much easier to stay on top of CPAP maintenance by doing the hard work for you. Many of the units, like the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner, are handsfree and require no effort from you. Simply place the mask and tubing in the cleaning machine and press a button to start the cleaning cycle.
  • Listen for a Leak
    • As you get used to the CPAP machine, you’ll also become accustomed to its signature sound. Most CPAP machines offer whisper quiet operation to stop the machine from disrupting your partner’s rest. If your CPAP mask is fitted correctly and no air is escaping, you should not hear any sounds. If a leak is present, you might hear the rushing of air or whistling. This sound can be the first indication of an issue, so pay attention if you start hearing it.
  • Lay Down Before You Mess with the Mask
    • CPAP cleaning machineYour face muscles sit differently as you lay down, so adjusting the mask as you stand can leave gaps once you go to bed. Instead, lay down in the position you sleep in most often and then adjust the mask. This will leave you with a better fit. If you have tried adjusting the mask several times and still find that it slips, consider adding more straps to keep the mask in place. Active sleepers often need multiple straps to help the mask stay on all night long.

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