Buying Guide for the Best Full Face CPAP Masks of 2020

Buying the best full face mask

The advantage of the best full-face cpap masks is that they supply air to both your nose and your mouth, giving you the flexibility to breathe as you please. Finding the mask that fits with your breathing needs or your preferred sleep position personalizes your therapy to make it more comfortable and effective. Leave the chinstrap as a thing of the past, and let’s explore the best full face CPAP masks.

The Best Full Face CPAP Masks of 2020

We have chosen the best masks that accommodate different lifestyle needs. Here are the best full face masks of 2020:

DreamWear Full Face

The DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask does just that as the hose perfectly connects on the crown of your having the cushion free for you to get comfortable on your side. You will be able to relax in the position that works best for you without breaking your mask seal.

Best Full Face Mask for Stomach Sleepers: AirFit F30i Full Face

Sleeping on your stomach presents its own challenges though if you have a mask that connects to the hose near your mouth. This is where the AirFit F30i Full Face CPAP Mask comes in handy. Like the DreamWear Full Face, the F30i also connects to your hose on top of your head, keeping the bulk away from your mouth. That makes it effortless to lay on your stomach. The F30i’s hose connection elbow swivels a full 360 degrees, so your tubing can route itself over the back of your head, preventing you from getting tangled in your hose while sleeping.

Best Full Face Mask for High Pressure: ResMed Mirage Quattro

If your pressure range is on the higher side—perhaps between 15 to 20—you will need to have a mask that is designed to accommodate those higher ranges. Thanks to the spring-air suspension and the dual-wall cushion design of the Mirage Quattro, you will keep your secure seal even at the highest pressures.

Best full face masks of 2020

You will also appreciate the 24 different comfort settings of the MicroFit Dial, which is used to customize the forehead support to fit the unique curves of your face.

Best Full Face Mask for Women: AirFit F20 for Her

The ResMed AirFit F20 for Her is an ideal full face mask for women. Additionally, men may equally enjoy the standard AirFit F20. The AirFit F20 for Her uses a low-profile, over-the-nose cushion that will not block your view. It also does not use a traditional forehead support, so you will wake up with fewer red marks and facial indentations.

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