CPAP Problems Troubleshooting Guide

Need CPAP machine Repair?

Damaged CPAP machines interrupt your sleep.

If your CPAP pressure feels extreme at the beginning of the night, your machine may have an option called ramp which can be changed to start your pressure at a lower setting and “ramp up” over a period of time. Call your CPAP repair shop to ask if your machine has this feature and if it is selected for use.

Difficulty CPAP wearing the mask to bed, what can I do?

Practice makes perfect. To aid in get used to wearing the mask during sleep, practice by wearing it during the day while resting in a chair watching television or reading. This will distract your focus from the mask to a better, familiar activity. CPAP use will become a routine and part of your habits.

Painful stomach bloating and gas

The medical term for this normally CPAP issue is Aerophagia. It occurs when the air sent by your CPAP enters the esophagus and stomach instead of the lungs. It can happen when your CPAP pressure is set too low or too high. It can also happen if you are a mouth breather but not putting on a full-face mask. Consult your physician if the issue is chronic and persistent.

Bed pillow issues with side or stomach slumber

Occasionally, side or stomach sleepers find that the head lowers into their bed pillow which causes the obstruction of mask exhalation ports and risk of dangerous CO2 (carbon dioxide) rebreathing. Others find their pillow leads to unwanted mask frame motion (pushed off center) causing mask leak, pressure point soreness or hurt cheek bones. To resolve, buy PAP pillow, a specially made bed pillow designed for CPAP users and for any side or stomach sleepers.

Mask Problems

Skin discomfort, sores and bruises from mask

No mask should cause pain nor irritation if sized correctly and fitted properly. If irritation or sores are showing up, chances are you are over tightening your mask. Your mask cushion may be worn out and need replacement. Mask liners might also resolve skin irritation and mask leak.

I am claustrophobic and cannot get accustomed to the nasal mask?

Patients who experience claustrophobia normally find that the small size and simplicity of nasal pillow masks more comfortable. There is an adjustment period for many patients as they get used to sleeping with any mask on the face. While your aim is to be able to sleep all night on CPAP, using it as long as you can take it each night is better than nothing. Try to improve usage over time until you reach your goal.

I utilize a Nasal Pillow mask and my nostrils are paining

Repaired CPAP machine works better?

After CPAP machine repair you can sleep better

Skin irritation can hastily occur when the nasal pillows are not input properly. Try rotating the barrel that clasps the nasal pillow inserts to a more comfortable angled posture of the pillows in to the nostrils. After best positioning, if leak happens at the nostril opening, size up.

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