Used CPAP MachinesWe’re always looking for opportunities to save money, but note there’s a price to pay if you’re trying to cut corners when it comes to health and safety. Although purchasing a used cpap device will save you money in advance, there is a substantial cost to sacrifice your CPAP therapy’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Here’s what to think when determining whether to buy a used or a brand new CPAP machine.

Dangers of Using a Used Cpap Machine

If you buy a used CPAP machine, nothing is revealed about the former owner. You’re unfamiliar with your records and regular treatment regimens. Even a comprehensive washing and sanitation following purchase cannot remove prior pollution.

CPAP machines provide a wet, often damp place, making them perfect breeding grounds for fungus, bacteria, mold, and mildew—mainly if the previous owner chose not to take good care of the machine.

Lastly, if you do not purchase a new machine, your device is not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. If the device fails to work efficiently, it could be a costly mistake!

Keep Sanitation a Priority

Any CPAP machine requires the maintenance of a strict cleaning and repair routine prescribed by the manufacturer. These specifications are essential for the productive use and long-term care of your device.

If you do not use proper cleaning procedures, germs may enter your CPAP machine, leading to respiratory infections, asthma, pneumonia, and other bacterial and viral diseases. For CPAP machines used where the record of cleaning is uncertain, the chance of contamination is substantially higher.

Should I Purchase a Used CPAP Machine?

The health benefits of purchasing a used CPAP computer alone surpass the savings. However, bear in mind that the FDA deems CPAP equipment Class II medical instruments, which means that they cannot be marketed or bought without a medical prescription.

Ignore CPAP machines that you can find in yard sales or on Craigslist. Avoid online firms offering gently used CPAP devices.

Benefits of a New CPAP Machine Compared to a Used CPAP Machine

Refurbished & Gently Used CPAP MachineBesides getting the reassurance that a safe, brand-new CPAP machine will be yours and never been shared with another human, there are other advantages to purchasing a used CPAP machine.

  • You can get a full warranty for a new unit. Older machines could have expired their warranty security. If the device does not perform appropriately after purchase, you will not be covered for any maintenance or upgrade, and you will also need to purchase a new machine.
  • Modern CPAP machines can last up to five years. The device you use may be approaching the end of its existence by the time you buy it.
  • You can find spare parts more straightforward for modern CPAP machines relative to existing out-of-date used machines.
  • The new machine should suit the exact medication specifications for CPAP, while the old machine does not. Each device purchased at The CPAP Shop is customized to suit your needs depending on your doctor’s advice.
  •  Newer devices operate more effectively and are built to have smaller components with longer lifespans.

Don’t Purchase a Used CPAP Machine if You Can Afford a New CPAP

Since using a brand new CPAP machine and accessories is vital to the respiratory tract, it is recommended that you only acquire your CPAP machines from a trusted supplier that guarantees the same quality of products. 

You want to be sure the products you purchase come directly from the manufacturer. Contact Best Cpap Cleaner today at (855) (275-8951 or email us at [email protected] for more information on the pros of new CPAP machines and cons of used machines on your health in the long run.

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