Pros and Cons of Mobile UV Disinfection Units

Mobile UV disinfection units are effective in eliminating pathogens
If you maintain a business or commercial building, this can be a very uncertain time. COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way all of us live and operate. Your building may either be closed, reopening, or flooded with people. Irrespective of this, there is one thing that should be top of mind – the health and safety of everyone who uses your building.

You can use germicidal ultraviolet (UV) products that can eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. Some of these UV products include handheld UV light sterilization devices.

Here are UV light disinfection pros and cons that you should evaluate before opting to get a Mobile UV disinfection unit.

Pros of Mobile UV Disinfection Units

  1. Mobility –If you have multiple rooms to disinfect at different periods of the day, moving the mobile UV disinfection unit between spaces is easy.
  2. Operate on any schedule – rather than using a ceiling or wall-mounted UV disinfecting products that operate on a schedule, you can use mobile UV units when convenient. That is true when using a handheld UV sterilizer.
  3. Adjustable equipment – Several variations of mobile UV disinfection units that involve adjustable equipment ensure you are hitting the critical areas with germicidal UV light.
  4. Easy to Use  – With proper training, it is easy to operate mobile UV units.

Cons of Mobile UVD is infection Units

  1. Moving room to room – Mobility may be a huge advantage for mobile UV disinfection units but also be a con. If you have a huge building, relying on one mobile UV disinfection unit may not be a reality to clean all of the areas you need.

Use of Mobile UV disinfection units can help fight corona virus

  1. Labor requirement –Someone has to operate the system and move it from room to room. It propels one to think about your staffing and whether or not this is a reality for your current cleaning crew.
  2. Time constraints – While some mobile handheld UV light products operate on a timer, you may want to use your unit in an area that is regularly occupied. The room should be empty while the system is running to reduce exposure to much UV light.
  3. Multiple cycles – UV rays disinfect by a line of sight. That implies that any area that UV energy does not hit will not be disinfected. Additionally, UV does not penetrate through furniture or other objects. You will probably require to run multiple cycles in a room to make sure all areas are disinfected. Finding the right dose is also essential in this process.

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