Answers to VirtuCLEAN 2.0 CPAP Cleaner Common Questions

The use of the VirtuCLEAN 2.0 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer has become popular among CPAP users. Below are common VirtuCLEAN FAQS to help you know more about using the device.

What is Virtuclean?

FAQS about the Virtuclean 2.0 CPAP CleanerVirtuCLEAN 2.0 is a small and portable CPAP equipment sanitizer that uses ozone to kill germs and bacteria.

How Does the Virtuclean Work?

The VirtuCLEAN Device Uses Activated Oxygen to clean items. It will run for about 30 minutes, and then it will have a 5-minute room air flush cycle to decrease the excess scent of activated oxygen.

Why Would I require a Virtuclean?

CPAP equipment is susceptible to the growth of germs and mold. Regularly breathing contaminated air is terrible for your health

How Small and portable is the Virtuclean Device?

The device weighs less than 1 pound, a weight similar to the size of 3 smartphones stacked on top of one another.

How Frequently Should I Clean My Sleep Equipment?

Most people pose the question of how to safely use Virtuclean CPAP cleaner. It is safe to use a Virtuclean Device for every cleaning and sanitizing activity of your CPAP machine. We commend that you clean your tubing and mask every day. Besides, you can clean your tubing and sleep humidifier chamber once a week.

What Should I Do When There is a Scent of Activated Oxygen Remains?

You should insert your humidifier into your device, reconnect your tube, or mask it to your CPAP equipment machine. Then, power your CPAP equipment on, and the remaining ozone will be flushed out.

Does My Health Insurance Cover the Virtuclean Device?

It is worth noting that the VirtuCLEAN CPAP device is not covered by health insurance. Nonetheless, you can use your Health Savings Account for the VirtuCLEAN device.

How Long is the Warranty of the Virtuclean?

Virtuclean 2.0 CPAP Cleaner FAQSThe Virtuclean 2.0 has a 24-month warranty that covers all primary operational items. However, it does not cover water or physical damage.

Will I Need to Replace Any Parts or Replace My Batteries?

Remarkably, the VirtuCLEAN device operates on a rechargeable battery and does not need to be replaced. Besides, there are no parts of the Virtuclean device that need to be replaced.

How Does Virtuclean CPAP Device Clean My Sleep Machine and Supplies?

The VirtuCLEAN is an ozone cleaner that uses ozone technology to sanitize the CPAP machine, helping a user clean the hard to reach places killing CPAP germs and bacteria.

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