The Best Approaches On How to Stop Snoring

Snoring remedies

Some women will always be fast in confessing how they can put up with the snoring of their partner. I can’t cope with my husband’s snoring! – most will say. Others will openly pinpoint how they detest a man snoring sound. However, with the available remedies to snoring, you should not let snoring ruin your relationship or a good night’s sleep. Here are conditions that cause snoring and how you can cure it.

What causes snoring?

There has always been a huge discussion about the causes of snoring in different genders. Some people believe that what causes snoring in females is different from what Causes Snoring in Males.

Snoring happens when air can’t move freely through your nose and throat during sleep. That makes the surrounding tissues vibrate, which in turn produces the all familiar snoring sound. People with snoring problems often have too much or “floppy” throat and nasal tissue that is more prone to vibrations. The position of the tongue can also interrupt smooth breathing.

Since people snore for different reasons, it is essential to understand the causes behind your snoring and the best snoring solutions. Once you understand why you snore, you can seek the right solutions to a quieter, deeper sleep—for both you and your partner.

Common causes of snoring

Being overweight or out of shape – Fatty tissue and poor muscle tone contributes to snoring. Even if you are not overweight in general, having excess weight just around your neck or throat can lead to snoring. Exercising and losing weight can be an excellent remedy to end your snoring.

How to Stop Snoring

Nasal and sinus problems – congested airways or a stuffy nose can make inhalation difficult and form a vacuum in the throat, leading to snoring. You can consult your sleep therapist in obtaining nasal strips for snoring.

Alcohol, smoking, and medications – regular alcohol intake, smoking, and certain medications like tranquilizers like lorazepam (Ativan) and diazepam (Valium), can enhance muscle relaxation that may cause more snoring.

Age – As one reaches middle age and beyond, your throat becomes narrower, and the muscle tone in your throat reduces. While may not do anything about growing older, lifestyle changes, new bedtime routines, and throat exercises can help avoid snoring.

Sleep posture – Sleeping flat on your back makes the flesh of your throat relax and block the airway. Changing your sleep position can help in reducing the chances of snoring during sleep.

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