What If My CPAP Does Not Have a Humidifier, Can I Still Use the VirtuCLEAN?You can use the VirtuClean unit with a non-humidifying CPAP machine. The VirtuCLEAN unit uses a two-step process to clean your CPAP equipment. The first step is the sanitization of the face mask and nasal pillows as well as the tubing, and the second step is the disinfecting of the humidifier chamber. If your machine does not include the humidifier chamber, you will follow the instructions for Step 1.

Step 1: Disinfecting Nasal Pillow, Facemask, and Tubing

– Disconnect the CPAP hose from the CPAP machine with the nasal pillows and face mask still attached to the end of the tube.

– Place the nasal pillows and face mask portion of the CPAP tubing into the travel bag that came with your VirtuCLEAN and zip closed the travel bag. (leave a small piece of the CPAP tubing hanging out of the travel pouch). Connect the VirtuCLEAN to the opposite end of the hose. (this will be the part of the tube that was initially connected to your CPAP Machine)

– You will turn on the VirtuCLEAN unit and let it run its 30-minute sanitizing cycle. During this 30 minute process, the VirtuCLEAN device will use disinfecting activated oxygen through the tubing. The sanitization will be followed by a 5-minute flush cycle, consisting of a fresh air pushed through the CPAP tubing to help disperse any unwanted odor or ozone smell that might be remaining.

– We recommend doing this step daily.