After reviewing the warranties on the top three CPAP cleaning devices, it is apparent that each unit is expected to last a different amount of time than others. Also, each unit is typically designed to clean only one machine. If you were to use a CPAP sanitizing device in a clinical setting such as a hospital or nursing facility, you may find that even with the best care, that your device would not last as long as that of the one used by a single CPAP user.

Each CPAP cleaning device needs to be kept dry and dust free. You will need to make sure that these devices are used on flat hard surfaces and that they are all put away safely and securely when you are traveling. When leaving them out for constant use at home, you will want to make sure to maintain as dust free an environment as possible as well as provide the cleaning unit a safe and stable place to be located. This will ensure it does not get dropped, bumped, or broken in any way.

By following the above steps and utilizing your CPAP cleaning device on only one unit, you will find that your CPAP cleaner could last upwards of 5 or more years longer than the manufactures warranty. These devices are made for daily use and will be well worth the investment you initially make in them.”

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