LuminOnce you have received your Lumin and you are ready to utilize its cleaning powers, you can follow these steps to use the machine.
a. Place the Lumin on a dry hard surface and plug it in.
b. Detach your CPAP’s Face mask from the hose and lay it into the light chamber with the portion that touches your face pointing up. If your mask is visibly dirty, you will want to use a soft, clean cloth to wipe away any debris.
c. Remove your CPAP’s water tank and empty any remaining water. Open the water tank and lay both pieces so that the flat surfaces of the reservoir are touching the bottom of the light chamber and the sides of the container are facing up.
d. Now you will want to close the door to the light drawer.
e. Next, you will want to turn the Lumin on by pressing the round on button. A red indicator light will illuminate. This means that the devices 5-minute sanitization process has begun.
f. You can observe a small amount of light shining through the tinted oval window on the top of the light chamber while the Lumin is running its disinfection cycle.
g. After the completion of the 5-minutes has occurred, the Lumin will beep which will indicate that your items are sanitized and ready to use. You will also notice that at this time the UV light is no longer visible through the oval window and the indicator light will have turned green. At this point, your CPAP equipment or other items are disinfected and ready for immediate use.