With CPAP therapy, you use a CPAP machine every night to regulate breathing to be sure you are getting enough oxygen to the brain. That CPAP machine can be a great way to treat sleep apnea, but your CPAP machine also collects dirt, germs, and bacteria. That is why many people use a CPAP cleaning device to keep their CPAP machine clean.

There are a lot of different CPAP cleaners out there. There are cleaners like Lumin, SoClean, and VirtuClean. However, each of these cleaners is a little bit different in function, features, and pricing. Check out the differences between Lumin and other CPAP cleaners below.

Differences Between Lumin and Other CPAP Cleaners

Every CPAP cleaning device is a little different. If you are thinking about getting a CPAP cleaning device to help you clean and maintain your CPAP machine, you will want to know all about the machines and their differences. Learn more about the Lumin CPAP cleaner and how it differs from other CPAP cleaning devices below.

  • Cleaning Function – How do all these CPAP cleaning devices work? They each have slightly different ways of cleaning your CPAP machine. For example, the Lumin device uses safe UV light to get rid of germs and bacteria from your CPAP machine. This sanitation method is often used by hospitals to clean and disinfect. In fact, the Lumin cleaner can be used to clean and disinfect other items in your home like toys, hearing aids, toothbrushes, and more. Other CPAP devices like VirtuClean and SoClean use ozone to clean your CPAP machine.
  • Ease of Use – Another factor to consider with a CPAP cleaning device is how easy it is to use. The Lumin device is really easy to use. This machine has a one-touch operation. You simply put the CPAP equipment in the Lumin drawer, and you press a button to start the cleaning process. SoClean functions similarly to the Lumin cleaner because you also put your device in the cleaning drawer. However, with VirtuClean, you connect your CPAP tubing to the VirtuClean device to start the cleaning process.
  • Price – The price of CPAP cleaners is also something to consider. The Lumin CPAP cleaner has a price of around $248.(Get A Lumin Cpap Cleaner On Sale) That price is a one-time purchase. Many CPAP cleaners require you to buy replacement parts after a certain amount of use, but you don’t have to do that with the Lumin cleaning device. The SoClean CPAP cleaner can cost you around $319, and the VirtuClean cleaner can cost you around $279. Those prices are something to keep in mind when you are looking into CPAP cleaners.
  • Time to Clean – Another factor to consider when purchasing a CPAP cleaning device is the time your cleaning device will take to clean. The Lumin CPAP cleaner can clean your CPAP machine in just 5 minutes. The VirtuClean device takes 30 minutes for cleaning, and SoClean takes 10 minutes to clean your CPAP machine.

As you can see, there are some differences between the Lumin CPAP cleaning device and other CPAP cleaners. Does this mean that the Lumin cleaner is worth investing in?

Should You Get a Lumin Cleaner for Your CPAP Machine?

CPAP cleaning devices are not required to have if you have a CPAP machine, but they do make your life a lot easier. You need to clean your CPAP machine if you have one. If you don’t clean your CPAP machine, you can get sick from germs and bacteria in your CPAP machine. That means you either have to clean your CPAP machine by hand, or you can get a CPAP cleaning device that will do all the work for you. Many people choose to use a CPAP cleaner like Lumin because it saves them a lot of time and energy.

Lumin is a great option for a CPAP cleaning device. This CPAP cleaner is easy to use with its simple one-touch operation. It also quickly cleans your CPAP device; it gets rid of 99% of germs and bacteria in just five minutes. Another benefit of the Lumin cleaner is the fact that this device can be used to clean and sanitize other items in your home. The UV light is safe to use on everything from toys to toothbrushes, and it can help you make sure some of the items in your home are sanitized. The Lumin cleaning device is also an affordable option when you compare it to the competition. This device could help you make sure your CPAP machine is clean for your nightly use.

If you would like to learn more about the Lumin CPAP cleaning device, you can check out the Best CPAP Cleaner website. We are happy to help you find the right CPAP cleaning device for you.