CPAP Sore Throat and How to Overcome it

Sore throat from CPAP

Sore throat caused by dry throat

Some CPAP users will have a dry, scratchy throat during and after their nightly therapy. It’s quite common for newer users who are still getting accustomed to their equipment to encounter some CPAP issues. CPAP sore throat isn’t just irritating and uncomfortable. It can also mean your CPAP therapy isn’t functioning quite right.

In addition, having a sore throat from CPAP can lead to users struggling to maintain their therapy or quit altogether. Therefore, it’s crucial to correctly address the issue to receive all the health and wellness benefits that come with treating your sleep apnea successfully.

You can do several things to help minimize or eliminate symptoms of a sore throat from your CPAP equipment to make sure you’re getting the optimum results from your therapy.

How to deal with a sore throat from CPAP

Try an alternate mask style.

If your CPAP mask doesn’t fit correctly, it can lead to poor air seal around your face, which can create air leaks that dry out your airways, causing your throat to feel scratchy and sore. Also, an uncomfortable mask may lead to you adjusting it frequently through the night or eliminating it during sleep, further drying your airways.

One step you can take to remedy these issues is to try a different style of mask. If sore throat is a problem for you, examine either a full-face mask or a total-face mask, which covers both your mouth and nose to assist in keeping moisture in a while creating a comfortable seal.

Although some users may find these types of masks weird or disorienting at first, that’s a feeling that will vanish after a few nights. You may also alternate mask types to stay comfortable without drying out.

Think about in cooperating a chinstrap

Some CPAP users have problems with their mouth falling apart while they sleep, which makes their therapy less appropriate and can lead a dried-out, irritated throat. If that’s happening to you, in cooperating, a chinstrap can be a handy fix that only goes for $15-$25 while keeping your mouth closed as you sleep to help avoid loss of air pressure and ensure humidity doesn’t escape and dry out your throat.

Use a humidifier with your CPAP machine.

Humidifier for CPAP machines

Humidifier chamber to remedy CPAP Sore Throat

If you don’t have a problem with the way your mask fits or your mouth getting open while you sleep, your most effective way to shun sore throat with CPAP is to add a humidifier to your machine. It’s a standard part of CPAP equipment that the latest devices either have them built right or include the alternative to add one that detaches. Mostly, only a tiny amount of surplus humidity is needed to ensure you don’t dry out overnight.

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