Shopping for the perfect gifts can be the most stressful part of the holiday season, especially if the person you are shopping for is hard to please. Instead of looking for a trinket that will gather dust all year, why not try to give your loved ones practical gifts they can use all year round?

One of the best gifts you can give a sleep apnea sufferer is a CPAP machine cleaner. Using a CPAP machine regularly is designed to provide relief from the symptoms of sleep apnea and give the patient a better-quality rest each night. By providing continuous pressure, the machine stops the patient’s airway from collapsing during sleep. However, because humidity is one of the key components in the operation of a CPAP machine, cleaning the machine regularly is essential to keep mold and mildew from growing in the machine, tubing, and mask. Many new CPAP machine users struggle to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of their unit. In some cases, it is because they haven’t yet discovered the right way to clean their machine.Why is CPAP Cleaning Necessary?

Why is CPAP Cleaning Necessary?

Without proper cleaning, the CPAP machine can blow bacteria and mold spores directly into the patient’s airway. This can lead to increased allergy symptoms and respiratory infections. Some of the symptoms of using a dirty CPAP machine include:

  • Itchy, dry eyes
  • Sore, dry throat
  • Coughing and sneezing

How Does a CPAP Cleaner Help?

A CPAP machine cleaner makes the process much easier than trying to clean the machine weekly with soap and water. With the cleaning process streamlined, the patient will find it easier to keep up with regular maintenance. This is especially true for patients who have a busy schedule or physical limitations that make it hard to keep the unit clean.

Here are some of the top reasons to give VirtuCLEAN to your spouse, parent or best friend this holiday season.How Does a CPAP Cleaner Help?

  • Easy to transport: Unlike some bulky gifts that are hard to take home on an airplane or in an already crowded car, the small design of VirtuCLEAN makes it easy for your gift recipient to bring it home with them. Additionally, since there is no need to carry cleaning fluid or solution, there’s no worry about delays going through airport security. VirtuCLEAN can be scanned by TSA agents at the airport easily and fit into your carry on or checked luggage.
  • Useful all Year Long: VirtuCLEAN is designed for once a week use with no need for refills or expensive maintenance. The VirtuCLEAN unit is a long-term gift that your loved one can use for years. Unlike some holiday gifts that get tossed in a closet and never used, this CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is useful for anyone who uses a CPAP machine regularly.
  • Give the Gift of More Free Time: Cleaning a CPAP machine by hand takes patients hours each week. It can be exhausting, messy work, particularly for senior citizens or people with physical limitations. The vigorous scrubbing needed to eliminate all the bacteria and mold growth is like trying to scrub food stuck in place on a cooking pan. Instead of having to go through a rigorous cleaning process, VirtuCLEAN allows the patient to press a button and walk away. While VirtuCLEAN uses ozone to clean each of the CPAP’s major components, there is nothing else for the patient to do.
  • Help Absentminded and Busy Family Members Stay Healthy: We all know someone who neglects their health because they are too busy working and caring for others. If your loved one is using a CPAP without cleaning it weekly, this is a form of neglecting their respiratory health. Having an easy to use, quick process to clean the machine is one way to encourage him or her to keep the unit clean without having to nag them constantly.
  • Provide Superior Cleaning Power: VirtuCLEAN uses activated ozone to neutralize any bacteria or mold growth in your CPAP machine. Ozone cleaning is powerful, as the ozone molecules clean everything they touch with no need for scrubbing. Medical facilities often use this type of cleaning because of the sterile results it provides.

If you’re looking for a holiday gift that will help your loved one stay healthy and happy, check out the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who uses a CPAP machine regularly. Order one today to finish up your Christmas shopping with plenty of time to spare!