Activated Oxygen for CPAP Cleaning – Solving the Oxygen Paradox

Oxygen acts as a double-edged sword. From one aspect, our cells flourish when they get the oxygen they need to synthesize ATP easily. That is the nearly universal “molecular currency” of cellular energy exchange. When your cells have a sufficient supply of ATP, your tissues heal and regenerate faster, metabolic pathways work better. Additionally, your nervous system will be attuned, and your immune responses become more focused and productive. Notably, activated oxygen is used in cleaning CPAP machines

The Clinical Benefits of Activated Air        Activated Oxygen for CPAP Cleaning

With activated oxygen cleaning, users report a wide variety of benefits, such as treatments being as short as 20 minutes a few times each week. In Europe, burn clinics recommend 1/3 faster healing of severe burn trauma while using oxygenated oxygen. Moreover, Surgeons report dramatically quicker recovery from surgery, while athletes claim that Activated oxygen makes them better performers and increases their reaction times and perceptual acuity. Even so, people still pose the question – is activated oxygen safe? Yes, it is! We recommend that you try it out in cleaning your CPAP device.

How do we know if Activated Air works?

First of all, activated stabilized oxygen makes you feel better through cleaning your CPAP machine effectively. European scientists have put Activated oxygen CPAP cleaning devices through several biological measures to show that it has a measurable effect. Some of these measures include heart rate variability. That reveals the health of the autonomic nervous system. This basal metabolic rate indicates the body’s energy expenditure, blood oxygen levels, resting heart rate, unused, exhaled oxygen, and lactate production in athletes.

VirtuCLEAN 1.0                                                                                                                                Some CPAP cleaner reviews indicate that tests of the biological consequence of Activated oxygen used an extremely accurate device called theSpectraLite. The device uses surface scanning electromyography (ssEMG) to quantify the physical energy levels of the body’s regulatory functions. By comparing the values measured before and after an Activated oxygen session, the body’s response to therapy was intense. The connection between the organs changed, and the typical organ energies improved. This matches a “vastly improved sympathetic/parasympathetic autonomic balance.”

Are there any dangers in breathing Activated oxygen or in using a SoClean CPAP Cleaning machine using activate oxygen? There are none! Activated oxygen is entirely natural and is just as safe as the air you breathe every day. Activated oxygen cannot interact with any medications or other treatments.

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