CPAP Cleaner SafetyThis is a pretty broad question, and while no one cannot ensure that EVERY CPAP cleaning device is safe; the models offered here are safe and effective. The SoClean, VirtuClean, and Lumin all use methods and processes that make them safe for everyday at-home use. The VirtuClean and SoClean both utilize Ozone for disinfection. Though activated oxygen (another name for Ozone) in high concentrations has been proven to be unhealthy and even dangerous, there is no way that you would be subject to those kinds of levels with these devices. Both of these units allow you to attach the sanitizer to your CPAP hose and place the contaminated equipment into a cleaning chamber. The chamber is the only place that the Ozone ever reaches germ eradicating levels. After the unit has maintained the contaminate killing level of Ozone for the amount of time necessary to ensure termination of the unwanted particles, the device runs an air out session and pumps new, clean air into the chamber removing all of the ozone and leaving your equipment clean, activated oxygen-free, and ready for immediate use. The Lumin CPAP disinfecting device uses ultraviolet light (also known as UV light) to sanitize. Just like ozone, UV light can be harmful to humans when applied in higher concentrations. However, the Lumin device has many safety protocols in place so that there is no way you would ever come in contact with the UV light chamber during the cleaning process. Like the devices that use activated oxygen for sanitization, the Lumin traps your disassembled equipment in a cleaning chamber with the high concentrations of light. Back to FAQs