CPAP Machine CleaningWhen you don’t clean your CPAP mask as recommended by your CPAP mask manufacturer, you run the risk of damaging the mask itself. The buildup of facial oil can create a PH imbalance on your mask which causes the rubber to break down or the foam inside to dissolve. Either of these situations can cause your CPAPs face mask not to fit appropriately, which can result in leaks and less airflow into your mask. You also want to check if your mask has excess build-up of facial oil, skin cells, or debris in just one area, as these contaminates can lift your CPAP mask off of your face just enough in that localized area to allow a small air leak nearby. To help prevent this, you should look into getting CPAP facial mask wipes or start using a damp, wet cloth every day to wipe down your equipment. To go a step further and ensure that you are killing all unwanted germs, look into the sanitizing power of a CPAP cleaning device such as the SoClean, VirtuClean, or Lumin. Back to FAQs