The best full face cpap mask for side sleepersWhen people lie down and sleep at night, they prefer to relax in a quiet position without worrying a lot about it. But, can one sleeping position be safer than the other? The quick answer to that is yes. Sleeping positions can have a drastic impact as we age and lead to elevated medical problems.

For instance, sleeping face up can make the pain of the neck worse, but back sleeping helps alleviate back pain. If you have heartburn, a sleeping posture facing the right will make the symptoms worsen. If you have skin breakouts or persistent skin abnormalities, try lying on your stomach. For sleep apnea, a resting posture on either the hand or the stomach to keep the airways open to eliminate snoring and relieve moderate apnea.

Back Sleeper

While sleeping on your back may be more comfortable, changing your sleep posture is normal. For others, this could indicate a rise or decrease in pressure needed to retain an unobstructed patient airway. This is the best advantage of AutoPAP since this therapy can be suited to the pressure requirements of breathing.

Back sleepers and CPAP therapy

In an ideal society, the CPAP user will lie on their backs and not switch. This would prevent the motion of masks and leaks. Our bodies are turning all night. This movement is often enough to loosen the mask, which can create a leak.

What’s the perfect mask for back sleepers?

If you’re lying on your back all night long, you should be able to wear your mask longer than any other patient. Choose a mask that is not hard to put on or take off throughout the night.

CPAP masks we recommend:

Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask

Best portable CPAP machine for sleep apnea in 2021With just three parts, the Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask is simple to use, super silent and makes cleaning and changing parts a convenience. Featuring the headgear of ErgoForm, the stretch and non-stretch panels give support and stability. The breathable headgear is placed high on the back of the head for optimum head mobility preventing mask dislodgement. 

The one-piece seal turns back and forth on the bridge of the nose and self-adjusts to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose. The low-profile frame is stable, robust, compact, and has a direct line of sight. The one-frame-fits-all size has a simple clip frame for fast and easy installation and removal. The integrated air diffuser minimizes turbulence, noise, and drafts.

Side Sleeper

When you sleep flat on your stomach, facing the ceiling, you’re in the perfect resting spot for your neck and back. Yet, sadly, this is the toughest sleeping place for sleep apnea! Lying on the back enables gravity to force the soft tissue of the tongue out of the back of the mouth. It shrinks the airway, creating a barrier. 

How does my sleep apnea affect this position?

Falling asleep on your side will also cause adjustments in the pressure requirements needed to ensure the proprietary airway. The benefit of being on the AutoPAP system is that when you need more pressure depending on your location, the machine will automatically change the pressure as needed.

What do we need to know about CPAP therapy and side sleepers

You can’t regulate the way you sleep. Next, the key priority should be to ensure that the CPAP mask is as secure and loose as appropriate while retaining a strong seal. If you instinctively gravitate to lying on your side, a nasal pillow mask should then be considered before a nasal mask or a full-face mask. Nasal pillows can help reduce how much the mask moves out of place.

What’s the perfect side sleeper mask?

The best mask for any role is the one that is more suitable for your facial features. It should reduce the level of discomfort, which in turn decreases tossing and turning. Any mask will move and cause leaks if you throw and switch enough.

CPAP masks we recommend:

ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask

Best cpap mask for mouth breathersAirFit P10 is perfect for side sleepers – give it a try and see!

The ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow is 60% lighter than the previous noisy versions. The mask features the QuietAir vent woven-mesh technology for increased patient adherence. Key-clip nasal pillows provide color-coded size and left/right orientation for simple and convenient fitting. Dual-wall technology has trampoline action seals on impact, dispersing the air softly towards the nose. Fastfit elastic technology delivers stability with limited facial touch.

Try the Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face today!

The universal frame ensures consistency with any form of DreamWear cushion and helps you to swap between full face, nasal, and pillow masks as desired. With a top-of-the-head configuration, the mask will allow you to sleep in every position you choose, either on your side or on your stomach. The minimal style removes the bulk and includes magnetic clips for quick set-up and removal. The style leaves a wide field of view to read or watch TV and leaves no mark on the bridge of the nose.

At the Best CPAP Cleaner store, we have a wide variety of masks for people with different sleeping positions. We give you a detailed comparison of all CPAP masks in the market today. We also keep you updated with important information about your CPAP machines and accessories. Visit us at Coral Springs, Florida or email us today at [email protected] to learn about the best CPAP mask for your sleeping position.

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