Compromised Immune Systems and Cleaning Your CPAP

Sleep apnea and the immune system
If you are part of the more than 10 million Americans that are immunocompromised, you may be finding yourself stressed about your health at this time. Also, if you are watching the news today, you may be wondering if you fall into a category of being someone with immune system issues. We are here to explain more about having a compromised immune system and additional steps you can take with your CPAP machine to help you stay healthy during times of sickness. Continue reading to learn more about spreading viruses, compromised immune systems, protecting yourself and others, and where you can get CPAP supplies to help this process.

What is a Compromised Immune System?

Your immune system is a combination of cells, organs, and lymph nodes that all work to keep your body from getting sick. If you have different diseases or issues that cause any part of the immune system to work less than it should or sometimes not at all, you are likely immunocompromised.

Who Typically Has a Compromised Immune System?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different illnesses that can cause your immune system to be compromised. These are known as immunodeficiency disorders. Additionally, some treatments and medications can temporarily give you immune response issues. If you think one of these conditions could apply to you and you are concerned about your health, you can contact your doctor for more information. In the meantime, here is a shortlist of the commonly affected:

  • Aids
  • Chemotherapy
  • Diabetes
  • Different cancers
  • Malnutrition
  • Radiation
  • Severe burns
  • Viral hepatitis

Sufferers from these sicknesses could have a compromised immune system.

Steps That We Can Take to Protect Ourselves and Others

Even if you do not find yourself in the group of immune-compromised, it does not mean that you won’t get sick from the flu or other viruses and sicknesses that are being spread, it just means those illnesses are less likely to be deadly for you. To help protect yourself, your family, loved ones, and other people you come in contact with, you should take the following precautions:
Ways to Boost your Immune System

  • Wash your hands
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow
  • Touch your face, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, as little as possible
  • Disinfect commonly used and touched surfaces regularly
  • Drink plenty of water to help stay hydrated in case you do get sick.
  • Only go into largely populated areas when necessary, to help avoid contact with people who may not be following the above steps.

By following these simple measures, you can feel confident that you are doing your part to help minimize the spread of any sickness in your area.

Though there have not been studies that link the use of CPAP devices with those who are immunocompromised, there have been plenty of studies that show a correlation between sleep and immunity against infections. One of the more common immune issues in the United States is diabetes. We know from many studies that there is a high percentage of CPAP users that have diabetes. Because of this correlation, we find it imperative to go over a few simple steps that can help you ensure that your CPAP device does not put you or other immune-compromised people in your life in more danger from getting sick.

Why Cleaning Your CPAP Will Help

Just as listed above, where you saw washing your hands could help reduce the spread of sickness, cleansing your CPAP can also reduce your risk of getting sick. If someone in your home is ill, or if you or someone in your space is immune-compromised, disinfecting your CPAP could reduce your chances of getting sick, or from reinfecting yourself with sickness.

Ways to Disinfect Your Equipment

You can wash your CPAP equipment in a few different ways. The two most common methods are manual washing, or with a CPAP cleaner. Though you can accomplish handwashing with only the equipment you already have, it is messy, time-consuming, and not very efficient.
A CPAP disinfecting device will eradicate over 99% of all germs and unwanted pathogens with one automated touch of a button. It will help your CPAP run better, your equipment last longer, and you will get the reassured and healthy sleep you deserve.

Purchase a CPAP Sanitizing Device with Best CPAP Cleaner

Buy CPAP Device Cleaner Here at Best CPAP Cleaner, we offer a variety of different CPAP sanitizers and accessories. There are two main types of CPAP Cleaners, those that clean with ozone such as VirtuCLEAN or the SoCLEAN, and other disinfectors that use ultraviolet light, such as the Lumin and the Lumin Bullet. Each of these types of cleaning units has its merits. They both have highly effective sanitization processes and are affordable and convenient. One of the easiest, most effective, and accessible ways to ensure that your CPAP sleep therapy is not putting you at risk for getting sick is by cleaning your CPAP with a CPAP equipment disinfecting machine.

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