Coronavirus FAQs for Sleep Apnea Patients: CPAP Tips for Sleep Apnea Patients

Coronavirus FAQs for CPAP Users The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is compiling resources for patients and the public to address coronavirus FAQs for sleep apnea patients about sleep, obstructive sleep apnea, CPAP therapy in relation to the novel corona virus.

Across the country, there is a scarcity of the ventilators that hospitals need to provide care for people who have COVID-19. Multiple expert groups are developing strategies to modify cpap therapy machines so that they can be used as ventilators for covid 19 patients. Even so, there still remains alt of frequent answered questions. Here are some of the most common with their corresponding answers

Do I have a higher risk of contracting coronavirus if I have sleep apnea?

Currently, there is no evidence linking sleep apnea with corona virus risk. People who have a greater risk for severe illness from the coronavirus include:

  • Those who are over 65 years
  • Those who have underlying serious medical conditions including chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, heart conditions, and diabetes
  • Those who have a medical disorder or taking a medication that weakens the immune system
  • Those who have had close contact with a person who has the coronavirus

Should I continue using my CPAP if I have symptoms of the coronavirus?

The corona virus is not among what causes sleep apnea. However, you should isolate yourself if you have symptoms of the coronavirus. In this isolation room, you can continue using your CPAP machine while you sleep alone.

Will using CPAP spread the virus to others if I have symptoms of the coronavirus?

What does the corona virus do to you when using the CPAP device? There is no evidence of patients who have had difficulties while using the CPAP machine, even with the symptoms of corona virus. Even so, it is important to keep on keeling and sanitizing the machine regularly.

Will my CPAP be helpful for my breathing if I have corona virus?

If you have the coronavirus, you should relentlessly continue using CPAP while sleeping alone in an isolated bedroom. It is worth noting that there is no evidence that using CPAP makes the coronavirus to get worse.

How should I clean and disinfect my CPAP mask and hose if I have the coronavirus?

How to avoid corona virus with CPAPThe CDC recommends several things on how to avoid corona virus, especially as a CPAP user. That includes cleaning and disinfecting your medical equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The directions for CPAP masks and hoses normally include regular cleaning with soap and water.

Is it safe to use CPAP with no symptoms of the coronavirus?

You may spread corona virus to others before you have symptoms. Even if you do not have symptoms of the coronavirus, you may want to sleep and use CPAP in a separate bedroom.

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