CPAP Cleaning in the Time of COVID-19

CPAP Cleaning During Covid 19COVID-19 has wholly upended our usual way of life. This actually includes many people who use CPAP or BiPAP machines. Having a pre-existing respiratory illness has been confirmed to intensify the risk of death or severe complications from the coronavirus.

With so much emphasis on slowing the spread of this deadly virus, it is only natural that CPAP users’ thoughts would shift to keeping their equipment clean and sanitary using a CPAP machine cleaner. Even if no one in your household has COVID-19, following cleaning guidelines will reduce your risk of respiratory illness and make the most of your CPAP equipment.

The Importance of CPAP Cleaning

Failure to clean your CPAP equipment will do more than make it smell bad (though that will certainly happen as well). That is why you should use a CPAP cleaning machine regularly. Failure to clean your mask will most possibly lead to skin irritation as the oils, and dead skin cells come in contact with your face. Red rashes, sores, and even acne may occur. Accumulation of bacterial and dirt may make your mask and tubing visibly discolored.

Most serious, however, is the increased risk for respiratory infections that occurs when you avoid CPAP cleaning during COVID. As bacteria, viruses, and mold are given a breeding arena, and they circulate in the air each time you use your CPAP machine. The Harvard Medical School approves that failing to clean CPAP machines regularly increases your risk of getting sick. Severe respiratory issues, such as sinus infections and recurring cough, are more likely to occur.

A lack of regular cleaning can also damage the CPAP equipment. The oils in the skin quicken wear of your silicone mask. The corrosion would cause the mask to no longer form an airtight seal, thus reducing the efficiency of your treatment. That can subsequently cause eye irritation as air leaks from around the bridge of your nose.

The Ultimate Solution

SoClean CPAP Mask and Hose CleanerWhile handwashing can be certainly effective, many CPAP users do not have the time to wash their equipment daily carefully. There are several specialty cleaning and sanitation devices available if you are looking for an easier and more effective CPAP cleaning solution for COVID 19 protection.

The VirtuClean CPAP Mask Automatic Cleaner is one of the newer options available for CPAP cleaning. Remarkably, it has become quite popular thanks to its fast cleaning time and portability. The device operates with a 30-minute cleaning cycle in which it uses activated oxygen to clean the face mask, tubing, and water chamber.

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