SoClean Reviews

SoClean reviews

SoClean reviews show the many benefits of using SoClean 2

If you’re like most people, you’re probably not a big fan of most cleaning chores. Let’s be honest here – who loves washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, or mowing the lawn?

It is the same case with you own a CPAP machine. You have to take apart the mask’s components and thoroughly clean each and every nook and cranny to ensure it’s all sanitized and free from harmful bacteria and germs.

But there’s actually an easier and more effective way to get that job done, and that’s by using one of the best CPAP cleaners – the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner. With this machine, you can properly sanitize your CPAP wares at the touch of a button.

Overview of CPAP Machine

The CPAP machine has proven to be an effective sleep apnea treatment option. But just like all other medical equipment, proper care and maintenance are mandatory.

Doctors recommend that these devices be regularly cleaned and sanitized as its moist interior parts might become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

The manual method of cleaning the device with enough water and water might be effective in removing oil and dirt, but it is not an entirely reliable method if you want to kill microorganisms.

A better way of sanitizing the masks is by applying ozone disinfection, which is a method employed by the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner. According to its claim and Feedback from CPAP users with SoClean 2, it can kill 99.99 percent of all bacteria, molds, and viruses–guaranteed.

Despite being available only in one size, it works well with most CPAPs.

Key Features

Fights Germs and Bacteria

If you want your CPAP device to be free from germs and bacteria, then the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner is a great solution for you.

SoClean 2 uses activated oxygen to destroy all harmful microorganisms in your mask. Activated oxygen is widely recognized as a disinfectant, which explains why it’s the preferred technique used by hospitals to sanitize their equipment.

By using this CPAP cleaner, you’ll achieve the same level of cleanliness and sanitizing power as well. Based on independent lab testing, this machine kills between 99.9 and 99.99 percent of bacteria present in the CPAP mask.

Uses Ozone Disinfection

Activated oxygen–also known as ozone–is the same gas found in the earth’s ozone layer.

Recognized for its power in cleaning, ozone is used as an alternative for chlorine in keeping municipal water systems safe for human consumption.

But perhaps ozone’s most significant advantage is that it won’t leave potentially dangerous chemical residue behind as the gas simply dissipates into the air.

This residue-free sanitizing capability is also one of the major reasons why ozone is one of the preferred disinfection techniques for farm produce, such as fruits and vegetables.

Convenient Cleaning

One of the most common reasons why CPAP users tend to put off cleaning their CPAP masks is that it takes too much time and effort. You must disassemble the mask and clean each part individually.

But that won’t be an issue as SoClean 2 offers the most suitable way of sanitizing your CPAP. This device thoroughly disinfects the CPAP mask and other components, even without taking them apart individually.

All you have to do is put the CPAP mask inside the SoClean 2 cleaner and push the start button. With such ease of use, you can disinfect your CPAP machine daily, which is recommended by medical experts to mitigate the risk of upper respiratory infections.

Compatible With Most Masks

The SoClean 2 cleaner is compatible with most CPAP masks.

However, you should also check the product’s compatibility guide before making a purchase.

Typically, CPAP machines with a heated hose component require an adapter.

SoClean Pros and Cons


SoClean 2 kills 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs in your CPAP

According to feedback from CPAP users with SoClean, the cleaner works perfectly.

  • Up to 99.99% kill rate for germs and bacteria
  • No need to disassemble your CPAP when cleaning
  • Convenient


Here are some of the SoClean 2 problems you might expect:

  • Might leave a residual odor
  • Doesn’t remove oil and dirt from the mask
  • Ozone exposure may intensify existing respiratory conditions
  • More expensive than other options

Feedback from CPAP users with SoClean 2

“My hubby uses the CPAP machine and is very slow to wash it regularly. I saw the ad and purchased the unit for him. It’s great. It took a couple of weeks to get him in the habit of using it every morning, but now he does and has to admit that he no longer gets swollen tonsils without explanation. It has brought me some peace of mind about his health.” – Lesley-Ann LS

“Really makes keeping CPAP unit and accessories clean much easier. No lingering odors. I am really pleased with this unit. It works as described!” – Pete

“Being a person with several medical problems, I thought it wise to get this SoClean. It does a wonderful job and leaves a clean sent when finished. The only problem I noticed was the lid release button seemed cheap and not a positive latching. I had a power failure, and it lost the time and had to reset the clock that was hard to see the numbers.” – John K

Conclusion and Recommendation

Recommended for:

  • CPAP users who are seeking a more effective and potent sanitation method for their equipment
  • Those people who want a convenient way of disinfecting their masks and tubing

Not Recommended for:

  • People who don’t like the odor of ozone
  • CPAP users who are content with dismantling their masks every time they have to disinfect it
  • Bargain hunters

Would we recommend the SoClean for veterans CPAP users? Definitely! The fact that it is guaranteed to kill 99.9 percent of potentially dangerous microorganisms is good enough for us to give it a thumbs up.

But of course, we understand that this product may not be as attractive to some buyers. A major consideration is its cost, which might appear too steep for a CPAP cleaning option.

But for those CPAP users who can afford it, it’s worth every penny for its ability to keep harmful bacteria at bay and the peace of mind it brings to the CPAP user.

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