What’s the new and best CPAP cleaning equipment this year? From ResMed to Respironics and all CPAP devices in between, providing a CPAP machine cleaner and a mask cleaner is of the greatest priority. So here are some of the best CPAP cleaners on the markets and why sterilization is so essential!

Do I still need to clean up my CPAP?

The best full face cpap mask Not only should you disinfect your CPAP system daily, but you should also sanitize your mask, tubes, and humidifier! Here’s the explanation…

  • Keep your CPAP system running properly: Whether you are using an APAP, CPAP, BiPAP machine, you must clean it consistently and thoroughly. Otherwise, the life of your machine can be shortened!
  • Cover yourself as diligently as you can from the disease. CPAP hoses, CPAP tubing, heated hoses, water chambers, humidifiers, and CPAP masks are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and viruses, and therefore it is always necessary for your wellbeing to ensure that all of these items are disinfected.
  • Keep your skin glowing and squeaky clean: flawless skin does not discriminate: if you have central sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea without washing your mask oil, dust, dead skin, and other toxins will develop over time on the surface of your mask that comes into contact with the skin. You need to clean the surface of your mask frequently to keep this residue from irritating your skin!

What are the methods I need to clean my CPAP equipment?

Mask and Headgear

No matter which type of mask and headgear you wear, it is important to clean the surface every day to prevent the build-up of bacteria and oily surfaces. Unattended to, any of these compounds will induce breakouts and poor dermatological health!

Cleaning Wipes for CPAP

A quick and inexpensive way to sanitize your mask and accessories with just one easy step!

CPAP Cleaning Solution

This needs a little extra effort on your part, but it’s going to be the cheapest way to clean up every day, so you can order a packet of solutions for a low cost but for a long time!

Hoses or tubing

Your CPAP hoses or tubing are convenient breeding grounds for bacteria and molds that grow in damp conditions. Because this is the passage from the system to your lungs, it’s important to keep it squeaky hygienic!

CPAP Machine & Humidifier

Best portable CPAP machine for sleep apnea There is a plain and easy ton of gross viruses, microbes, soil, and mold that can build up in this thing without daily washing, and this can shorten the lifetime of your system. So make sure the lifeblood of your CPAP service performs the best job!


While regular surface cleaning is vital to maintain your CPAP glowing, it is crucial to dismantle the mask and use something a little more intensive to clean up every week.

CPAP Auto Cleaning Machines

Although these devices can cost you a little more than your dish—soap and rag—they take the trouble, mess, and hassle out of cleaning all of the above-mentioned CPAP bits! They also have UV or Ozone technology that can instantly destroy 99.9 percent of anything that could be toxic to your skin, and let it sparkle with just a click of a button… so make sure you invest in it, it’ll be WORTH IT!

So Clean 2


  • Small carbon footprint.
  • New sleek design.
  • High-level technology.
  • Easy filter-cartridge system.
  • Shuts off automatically. Also included…
  • Filter cartridge, AC power supply with cord, check valve assembly, Pre-wash,
  • 2-year warranty

VirtuClean 2.0


  • New sleek design.
  • Small size.
  • Highly portable.
  • High-level technology.
  • Uses ozone cleaners.
  • Long-life battery.
  • USB charger, AC adapter, 2-year warranty, manual for using VirtuClean CPAP cleaner, Travel sanitizing bag,

NuWave CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

Two available models- NUWAVE Plus- a larger chamber that allows the user to clean all his/her equipment at once! They also include;

  •         Charging and USB power cord
  •         Activated carbon filter
  •         Weekly Cleaning Products

For most machines, you require a machine-specific connector to attach the washing unit to the humidification chamber to clean the humidifier add-on to the machine: this can be found here.

Why Should I Invest In A Cleaning Machine?  

best cpap mask for mouth breathersWhile buying a cleaning product is an investment, it’s one that’s guaranteed to pay off.  Using hot water, mask cleaners, or a toothbrush and dish soap can keep your mask clean enough overnight, however, you are much less time-consuming than manual washing. 

Although the machines are an investment, you’ll need to do a thorough clean-up daily to ensure that your system keeps you safe. Plus, sanitizing devices get a better return on daily cleaning in the long life and health benefit of a CPAP cleaner! 

Get The Best CPAP Cleaner Today

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