Getting Used to CPAP Machines

Comfortable CPAP MachinesIf you have been prescribed continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat your obstructive sleep apnea, you may wonder before starting therapy: how can I get used to this? It may take a little effort to adapt to using the CPAP therapy device, but by following a few easy recommendations, you may find that it is easier than you expect to begin using the treatment. Let’s explore how to use a CPAP machine.

Start Using a CPAP Machine with a Positive Attitude

First, approach the prospect of utilizing CPAP therapy with an open mind and a positive attitude. If you begin with the mindset that this horrible device is going to ruin your sleep, serving as both an inconvenience and a hindrance, you will find that your experience may quickly sour. Every slight setback will become additional evidence to justify your eventual dismissal of the treatment.

However, by starting with the attitude that though there may be initial hurdles, you will be able to make adjustments and that eventually, this machine will assist you—to sleep better, to enhance your concentration, mood, and energy, and to aid your overall health—you will be more successful and rewarded for your efforts.

Choosing an Equipment Provider

One of the most important initial decisions in embarking on treatment with CPAP is the choice of a supply company. You may be provided a list of companies by your sleep physician, and, in some cases, the device can even be provided by physician offices.

These durable medical equipment (DME) providers will assist you in getting set up with the therapy that your sleep doctor has prescribed. Although many people are treated with CPAP, you may alternatively be prescribed machines that deliver bilevel (or BiPAP or VPAP) or even more sophisticated settings such as ASV.

These suppliers are businesses, so make certain that they offer you good customer service. A crucial initial role of the equipment provider is to fit you with your first CPAP mask.

Get Assistance if You Struggle with Early CPAP Use

Get Used to a CPAP MachineSignificantly, if you run into difficulties, get help early. Rapid interventions that correct early problems will ensure that the treatment is successful for you over the long term.

Be in touch with your device provider or sleep physician during the initial adjustment period if you run into trouble. These providers can also remotely monitor your use to arrange an intervention if you are having issues. It may also be possible to adjust pressure settings remotely to enhance comfort.

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