The Science Behind SoClean and How it Sanitizes your CPAPThe CPAP Shop explains how the SoClean2 CPAP cleaner helps you to remove mask wipes and sanitize your CPAP appliances to be 99.9 percent bacteria-free!

If left unclean, CPAP microbes will build up in your mask and reservoir. This can trigger a wide range of health problems, including;

  • Pneumonia;
  • Bronchitis
  • Virus
  • Inflammation of the Nasal Cavity

The machine works with most of the CPAP machines and masks, and no water is required. When you use SoClean 2 to sanitize your CPAP mask, tubes, and tank, you don’t have to disconnect your humidifier, tubing and mask. Instead of spray, activated oxygen is used to sanitize the mask, hose, and tank.

Using the SoClean 2

To do it, simply mount the SoClean 2 to the backend of the CPAP and put the mask inside the SoClean with the tubing attached to the connector that is linked to your CPAP system. Set a timer, and the SoClean makes a low whispering sound for approximate 10 minutes before the loop is over.

SoClean 2 Applies Activated Oxygen in Cleaning

To use it, simply mount the SoClean 2 to the back of your CPAP and put the mask inside the SoClean with the tubing attached to the connector that is linked to your CPAP system. Set a timer, and the SoClean makes a low whistling sound for about 10 minutes before the loop is over.

The machine operates by forcing the activated oxygen via the tubing and connector, within the tank of the CPAP machine, and back to the SoClean 2 machine. The masks, the tubings and the tanks are also washed along the way.

Activated oxygen destroys bacteria, molds, viruses and fungi. When the device adds a third oxygen atom to the stable Oxygen molecule that we breathe, it forms a new ozone molecule (O3), commonly known as activated oxygen, that kills pathogens via oxidation.

After around two hours, the O3 returns to O2. For the very first time you use your SoClean 2, use the included Neutralizing Pre-Wash to pre-wash your mask, hose, and reservoir. Whenever you add new tools to your CPAP therapy, you can use a pre-wash on it.

The activated oxygen process:

  • Kills all biological matter that comes into contact with it
  • Has a brief but effective life-cycle
  • Activated oxygen returns to common oxygen (O2) about two hours after it has been produced. Throughout that time, its power as a sterilizing agent is unprecedented.
  • The sterilizing process is used in other fields. For example, municipal water treatment, hotel, and food manufacturing industry, and healthcare facilities.

The SoClean Sanitation Process; How Activated Oxygen Works

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  • Your SoClean produces and pumps activated oxygen through the distribution tube and into the tank of your humidifier. This cleans not just the water, but also the interior walls of your tank.
  • The activated oxygen flows into the CPAP hose as it moves and the activated oxygen enters every crevice and destroys any threatening bacteria.
  • The oxygen you trigger enters your mask. During this stage, the activated oxygen moves in and out of your mask and cleans it just like the hose and reservoir.
  • Activated oxygen moves from the chamber using a special filter. This filter transforms the surplus of activated oxygen down to the oxygen we breathe (O2).

How Often Should You Use Your SoClean2?

It is advised that you disinfect your CPAP machine at least weekly. SoClean2 should be used everyday to help reduce the build-up of bacteria. SoClean 2 is so simple that you can improve the rate of cleaning to avoid sickness and infection.

Maintaining SoClean2

You should rub the SoClean 2 with a moist cloth to clean dirt. The SoClean test valve panel and filter canister should be replaced every 6 months. A reminder alert will appear on the show after about 6 months, based on the use.

Other things you need to remember

The method is completely automated. Complete a one-time configuration, put your CPAP mask in the chamber, and close the lid. SoClean destroys 99.9% of CPAP microbes. The sanitizing method is totally natural – no water or harsh chemicals are required!

It just entails the activated oxygen that we were talking about. It just takes 10 minutes of your day to spare you valuable hours that you will spend elsewhere. With your SoClean, you’re able to fight CPAP pathogens in a clean way.

Keep Up With Your SoClean 2 Supplies

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