Per TSA guidelines, CPAP units are allowed on airplanes. You can bring them on board in addition to your purse and carry-on bag, as they are considered a required medical device. Here are a few quick tips on making this process as smooth as possible.

  • Put your CPAP through security with your purse, briefcase, or carry-on bags: ensure that your CPAP machine is in its own case with all of the equipment. Having it in your carry-on bag will not only take up room in your carry-on, but it will also make it harder for security to scan it appropriately.
  • Get a note from your doctor saying you need the CPAP: Obtaining a medical document from your doctor showing that he has prescribed this unit and that it is necessary will help make your trip through security easier.
  • Call ahead to let the airline know you will be bringing a CPAP with you: Best practice is to call the airline when you get your ticket, just to let them know that you will have a CPAP with you and see if they have any special requirements or extra steps of which you need to be aware.

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