Implications of a Wrong CPAP Mask Size

If your CPAP mask is uncomfortable, chances are it’s the wrong size

There are many versions of CPAP masks available for sleep apnea patients. These masks must be custom sized to every individual so that they can be useful and be comfortable. A comfortable CPAP mask is one of the most significant determinants of compliance; the more accommodating and effective the CPAP mask is, the higher the cooperation rate. If you are wearing one that doesn’t feel comfortable, it is uneasy and causes any discomfort or pain, and it may be due to the CPAP mask is not fitted correctly and having the incorrect size.

Ill fitting masks can be uncomfortable

Wondering what size of CPAP mask suits you?

The CPAP shop sells a wide range of CPAP masks from good manufacturers such as Respironics, ResMed, Puritan Bennett, Fisher & Paykel, Sleep Net, and many others. While all masks are engineered to give air to the air passages to prevent apneic episodes (breathing cessation) during sleep, it is essential to have a mask that fits appropriately for the CPAP machine and sleep therapy to be effective.

CPAP in full is “continuous positive airway pressure.” The CPAP machine, which is joined to a CPAP mask by a tube, supplies gentle airflow into the air passages. Sleep apnea is when the patient’s throat shuts periodically while he or she is asleep. While the stoppages of breathing only last a few seconds, there can be as numerous as 100 of these incidents every night, essentially waking the body each time. This leads to a daily fight with lethargy and mental fogginess for the patient.

CPAP machines have helped millions of people worldwide get an improved night’s sleep and upgrade their quality of life by feeling more alert and excited during the day. But if your CPAP mask is wrong fitting, you are probably not receiving the required treatment sleep therapy can provide.

A CPAP mask can be too tiny or too large or have a particular shape that does not align well with your facial structure. Any of these problems can make the mask uncomfortable and ineffective, and the user is less compliant to continue therapy. Since faces come in various shapes and sizes, selecting a CPAP mask that meets your needs and features is important. Depending on the manufacturer, there is a selection of styles and sizes a customer can choose from.

What Size of CPAP Mask Do I need?

Proper fitting mask increases comfort

Fitting CPAP masks solve discomfort.

For instance, with the Cradle Cushions, and medium and large pillows with medium, large and large narrow Cradle Cushions. Respironics Opti Life mask, sizes include petite, small, and medium pillows with small and medium CPAP mask size chart. The ResMed Activa LT comes in small, medium, broad, and large narrow. It also has one specific to women with petite sizes available.

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