TV Shows in Hollywood that highlight Sleep Apnea and CPAP Use

Celebrities with sleep apnea

What we see on television and film screens significantly impacts our perception of sleep apnea. Stereotypes about sleep apnea and the use of CPAP equipment can be broken when identifying with our favorite movie characters. With these stereotypes being broken, it is easier for us to communicate and share our problem with our doctor and inside our home. Here is a collection of popular sleep apnea and cpap movies in Hollywood that might help you normalize sleep apnea. After reading the highlights below, you will see celebrities with sleep apnea and understand that this condition affects anyone.

Joey in Friends

Joey helped us break the stereotype that sleep apnea affects only older men who snore. Being in his twenties, Joey showed that young people could also suffer sleep apnea. He raised awareness of this disease in the younger population. Together with Chandler, he humorously showed us that we are not alone in this battle.

Junior in The Sopranos

Being an American gangster affected by sleep apnea, Junior Soprano showed that sleep apnea does not discriminate based on occupation, age, race, or gender; it can happen to anyone. There is a scene where a mask is being fitted on his face by his doctor, while a nurse is explaining to him how the mask will help him by keeping his airway open. His experience takes away all the fear that we face during a celebrity sleep apnea diagnosis.

Angela in The Office

Angela normalized CPAP usage for women all around the world. Studies show that one in four women are at risk of sleep apnea. Difficulty concentrating, sleepiness, dry mouth, and sore throat could be symptoms that show you are at risk of sleep apnea. In “The Office,” Angela is shown in real-life scenarios using her CPAP equipment and taking it back. Additionally, the accent is put on her relaxed attitude towards her problem, raising the bar for CPAP normalcy.

Fred in Hall Pass

CPAP usage by celebrities

Here the idea of using your therapy wherever you go is being normalized. Fred uses his CPAP mask when he is out with his friends or staying in a hotel. Although being given a marital hall pass, he still carries his mask wherever he goes and gets his best sleep.

Anita DeMarco in Orange is the New Black

In this one, Anita is one of the celebrities who use cpap machines. She not only normalized sleep apnea but showed that therapy could save lives. With CPAP being the new black, we must be aware that women who enter menopause are more likely to develop sleep apnea. As a middle-aged woman, Anita showed this and shed light on the fact that many women still go undiagnosed and are in danger.

In these Hollywood movies, you can see celebrities who use cpap machines and get encouraged that you are not alone!

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