CPAP TherapyEvery day, many individuals conclude that the advantages of CPAP therapy in the short term are nothing short of life-changing. For those new to CPAP therapy, the challenges of the standard adjustment cycle can make it challenging to get to a level of CPAP compliance where the benefits can manifest themselves. It’s never a matter of redundant reminders of at least five things that they should know concerning the benefits of CPAP compliance. Even though many persons that start CPAP therapy experience some of the short-term benefits almost instantly, an equal number of people take longer to manifest the benefits. Because every person and their OSA symptoms are different, these differences can impact how long it takes to feel the benefits and may be dependent on the individual’s mindset. Here at Best CPAP Cleaner, we’ve undertaken many surveys of CPAP therapy users to show the CPAP compliance benefits experienced by genuine users.

(1) Better Attitude

It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude under the best of circumstances, but when your body and mind are suffering from the impacts of inadequate sleep caused by OSA, the challenge becomes even more difficult. One of the more insidious things concerning OSA is that the longer it goes untreated, the more your negative change in attitude towards life and others becomes normalized. It is only with the utilization of CPAP and maintaining CPAP compliance that it becomes clear that your attitude was sabotaging your outlook and relationships. Untreated sleep apnea can even result in depression, which is another reason why CPAP compliance can change your attitude for the better. As you maintain CPAP compliance and start to see the sleep benefits, you also begin to see the positive attitude changes. It is not only the halt to symptoms such as daytime sleepiness, lethargy, and headaches that prompt the attitude turnaround; it is a general sense of wellbeing that overtakes many CPAP therapy patients. It isn’t easy to put a price on that, but whatever it costs, I think most people would be purchasing. The reality is that it only needs your compliance in using your CPAP device every night for a minimum of four hours.

(2) Less Prone to Car Accidents

Although going through that early morning commute in a sleepy fog can cause car accidents, the absence of CPAP compliance can manifest itself behind the wheel at any time of the day or night. When you’re better rested, you significantly lower your likelihood of being in a car accident. The potential accident statistics for OSA patients that are drivers and those that are professional drivers are staggering.

(3) Reduces the Aging Process

While aging is not a bad thing, doing so prematurely is something none of us need to experience. Not only can it have a negative impact on our relationships, but it can also affect the course of our careers. Researches have been done that shows how CPAP compliance can even enhance our looks in terms of slowing the aging process.

(4) Enhanced Ability to Concentrate and Problem Solve

Comply With CPAPThe science behind diminished ability to concentrate and general cognitive ability due to lack of CPAP compliance for those with OSA are well documented. Because proper oxygenation to the bloodstream and thus the brain is a major component of OSA, depriving your brain of the oxygen that it requires leads to all types of problems, both short- and long-term. Your capability to concentrate, reason, and think clearly are just the milder problems potentially associated with non-compliance. Long-term alterations to the brain and even life-threatening conditions can also be part of the equation.

(5) Better Sex Life

If all those benefits do not show how CPAP compliance can have a profound effect on your life in many ways, then let’s get right to the heart of the matter—CPAP compliance can have a definite impact on improving your sex life. Sure, the more energy you have through compliance will benefit your sex life, but it goes much deeper than that. There are hundreds of advantages to CPAP compliance that affect all aspects of our daily lives, so this is only a few of the obvious reasons. As humans, we usually buck against making a habit of things that are good for us if we feel like it inconveniences us, which is why bad habits become so ingrained so fast. CPAP compliance is a group effort with family members, medical specialists, sleep specialists, and your CPAP device provider. With all of them working together with you, it is possible to overcome any challenge to non-compliance and reap the advantages of CPAP therapy that are evident every day for the rest of your much more prolonged and happier life.

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