Signs That Your CPAP Machine is Making You Sick

Do you use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea? The chances are that you are among an estimated 46 million people in the U.S. who are frequently querying google for the signs that CPAP machine is making you sick. Even though it may seem like a bother to upkeep your CPAP equipment, it is an excellent device that is vital for your health. However, its effectiveness mainly depends on whether it is frequently cleaned.

Can You Get Sick from Not Cleaning Your CPAP?

CPAP Machine Danger SignsRegularly, you have to brush your teeth every day with a clean toothbrush for optimal dental health. That is simply similar to how you should clean your CPAP machine. Can CPAP make you sick? Yes! However, it is essential to note that only a dirty machine can impact your healthy breathing experience. A dirty CPAP machine could have negative health consequences. That case is commonly referred to as the dirty CPAP illness.

How do you know if your CPAP machine dirty and needs cleaning or sanitizing? Below are three common signs

  1. You keep getting sick – with germs are all over the CPAP machine, you will often get CPAP sickness symptoms. Many CPAP machine users report recurrent sinus infections and other illnesses when they begin CPAP therapy. In many cases, this could be emanating from dirty CPAP equipment. Break the vicious cycle and keep your sleep equipment safe from germs and bacteria that could be quickly thriving inside your CPAP equipment.
  2. An unpleasant smell coming from the CPAP device – If your CPAP smells like mildew, this is an indication that there may be pathogens present inside your equipment. CPAP machines become damp and present a breeding ground for unwanted guests that could be harmful to your health. It would be best to keep your device completely dry and meticulously cleaned.
  3. Irritated Skin – Over time, CPAP masks can get the oil and dirt on the face. When the mask comes into direct contact with your skin, it may cause it to become irritated. This is one common CPAP related illness. Irritated skin can also be caused by a mask that is not fitting correctly.

Can CPAP Make You sick?

Danger Signs of CPAPHaving read the above article, you are now aware that a dirty CPAP machine can cause you more harm than good.

However, that will not be that case if you will develop the necessary healthy habit of effectively cleaning all of the equipment.

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