Basic FAQs about SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner

With the continued rise in the use of CPAP cleaning machines, users have numerous questions that need answers from experts. Well, the questions may be about the best CPAP machines, prices of the devices, how to clean the CPAP devices correctly, among others. Below are some of the most popular FAQs about CPAP cleaners and their answers.

Does health insurance cover the SoClean machine?

SoClean CPAP Cleaner

Currently, health insurance considers the SoClean 2 device a luxury item and thus does not cover it. However, various dealers offer financing options with monthly payments. That makes it easy to acquire a SoClean CPAP cleaner of your choice at any time.

How long will the SoClean machine last?

You do not have to worry about incurring the SoClean cost often. In our estimation, the SoClean device can be functional for over 5 years without giving the user any problems. It would be best to note that the SoClean 2 comes with a 2-year warranty. The warranty covers most issues like repairs free of charge.

Do I need to replace SoClean parts?

According to numerous CPAP cleaner reviews consumer reports, you should replace the Filter and Check Valve after every six months of regular daily use. Your SoClean 2 is programmed to notify you exactly when you need to do these things. Soclean parts are sold together in a kit. You could check with the dealer near you for accessories price as well as the Soclean Price. You should reset the SoClean 2 Filter counter setting after installing a new Filter.

How long does the SoClean need to run?

Every CPAP machine cleaner should perform the cleaning in two 7-minute cycles plus a 2-hour rest period. This assists in proper maintenance of the equipment, and the rest period allows the Activated Oxygen (ozone) to change back into regular oxygen.

When and why do you require the neutralizing pre-wash?

It would be best to use the neutralizing pre-wash before the first use of your SoClean 2 or when introducing new sleep equipment to your system. Various CPAP cleaner reviews recommend that you can also use the Pre-Wash to clean the parts of the sleep equipment regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. The Pre-Wash is a fragrance-free cleaning solution that reduces the effect of pre-existing odors from detergents and eliminates any residue from the manufacturing process.

What should one do if there is a strong odor after using SoClean?

SoClean 2

Some SoClean 2 CPAP users smell Activated Oxygen (ozone) at extremely low levels. For them, it is certainly not rare to smell Activated Oxygen for a short period during and after running their SoClean 2. The SoClean 2 is one of the best CPAP cleaners of 2020 that has reduced or minimal ozone leaks. Otherwise, if the strong odor persists, feel free to contact the dealer near you for further assistance.

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