SoClean CPAP Sanitizer FAQs

Will my CPAP Device be Wet from the SoClean?

No. The SoClean cleans with activated oxygen. No fluids or water are utilized in this process.

Is the SoClean Dangerous to me or the Environment?

No. The activated oxygen generator is usually kept at a safe level and never reaches the outside surrounding.

 How do I know that my SoClean Cleaner is really sanitizing?

After the disinfection process has been accomplished, the cycle indicator light will shine green. Your CPAP device will have a light, clean scent.
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 What if the Odor the SoClean Cleaner Leaves is too Strong for Me?

If you have already treated your equipment with the Neutralizing Pre-Wash, and still feel that the odor is too strong, there are a lot of things you can do: (1) Prior to wearing your mask at night, run your CPAP for 20 seconds to let any residual scent to be blown out. (2) Set the timer so that treatments take place earlier in the day, permitting any residual scent to dissipate by nighttime. (3) Decrease the treatment duration period. You can cut back to as little as five minutes and still receive effective disinfecting. (4) Disinfect your equipment every other day instead of daily.

What if the Indicator Light is Shining Red or Yellow?

This means that the disinfecting process is not yet over. Please wait till the light shines green to remove your CPAP equipment from the SoClean chamber.

What if the Indicator Light is not Shining after a Programmed Cleaning Time?

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This would show that the SoClean did not carry out its scheduled disinfecting. Common reasons for this are that the cover was not securely closed, there was no mask in the chamber at cleaning time, or the open hose slot plug is missing or not correctly seated.

What if I Missed My Planned Sanitizing Time, but still wish to Sanitize my Device?

In these cases, you can use the Manual feature. See your User manual on how to do this.

Why does my Display Indicate Order Filter Kit?

This message appears approximately every six months, depending upon usage, as a reminder to frequently replace the filter and check valve assembly.

Are there Materials that I should Avoid Putting into the SoClean?

Nylon and natural rubber break down when exposed to ultraviolet. Most manufacturers usually do not use these materials in their reservoirs, hoses, masks, or headgear. If you have questions in this regard, inform your CPAP manufacturer, or supplier.

 My Mask feels Oily; what can I do?

Skin chemistry is unique. Some people with an oily skin type may require to hand-wash the mask occasionally.

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