SoClean CPAP Cleaner Pros and Cons

To keep the CPAP device (reservoir, mask, and hose) clean, you perhaps just use dishwashing liquid and water at regular intervals. This will undoubtedly remove the superficial dirt, and the device may appear clean to the naked eye. But this process will not eliminate the microscopic organisms that have been accumulating on the breathing machine! Cleaning the machine with strong disinfectants to kill germs is not at all advisable.

On the other hand, the Soclean is intended to destroy all the microbial germs that have accumulated on the machine with regular usage. SoClean is easy to utilize and has a high-efficiency quotient. It acts as an impermeable barrier against germs so that the patient’s health is not compromised.

What is a Soclean?

SoClean 2 CPAP sanitizerThe SoClean is an equipment that automatically sanitizes the CPAP equipment, constituting the mask, the connecting hose, and the reservoir. It doesn’t utilize water and soap in the cleaning process. Thus, there is no condensation of water on the CPAP equipment. At the end of the sanitization process, the machine is dry and is ready for immediate use.

The SoClean produces ozone (or activated oxygen), which remains within the sanitization chamber in a continuous loop. Using ozone in the cleaning process ensures that your CPAP machine is entirely free of microscopic germs that cause respiratory disorders and other diseases.

Pros of Using the Soclean

Because you are using a CPAP machine at night, you are already suffering from sleep apnea. You certainly do not wish to add to your troubles by contracting respiratory illnesses caused by re-inhalation of microbial organisms accumulated on the machine.

The use of a SoClean will ensure that nearly 99.99% of the disease-causing microorganisms breeding on the CPAP mask and tubing are completely killed. The sanitization process also eliminates all forms of infection-causing germs from the reservoir. This will ensure that the air you breathe while sleeping at night is absolutely pure and uncontaminated.

When you are leading a busy professional and personal life, you may not have time to wash the CPAP mask, reservoir, and tubing regularly. What will be the long-term implication of this unavoidable neglect? The motor of the CPAP unit will have to work that much harder to enable you to breathe clean air through the night.

A device that is clogged with residue will have a short life. You will have to spend more money and buy a replacement CPAP machine within a few years. Cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP equipment at regular intervals will ensure that it works at an optimal level of efficiency and delays the need to purchase the replacement.

Well maintained CPAP equipment means you don’t require to take days off from work too often due to poor health. During the night, when you inhale through sanitized breathing equipment, you remain healthy and fit. It has a direct implication on your short-term earnings as well as the long-term financial gains.

Your sleep cycle will definitely enhance with the assistance of a sanitized and clean CPAP machine. Your breath will become stable and rhythmic when you sleep at night. Better sleep means better overall health, more energy, and enhanced efficiency at the workplace. So, a correctly sanitized CPAP mask has a direct impact on your performance quotient and professional reputation.

When you sleep at night, the body repairs its damaged muscles. A deep and relaxed sleep pattern will ensure that the natural process of self-healing and regeneration of tissue takes place without disruption.

When the level of oxygen inhaled into the system is optimal, the blood vessels are healthy. By association, all the significant organs, too, get sufficient oxygen and remain in a healthy state. This prevents other medical conditions such as renal failure, asthma, pleurisy, cardio-vascular diseases, digestive-tract infections, etc. When you sanitize the CPAP parts, you are making sure that you remain healthy.

Using SoClean to disinfect CPAPThe SoClean doesn’t use chemicals or cleaning agents for the sanitization cycle. This is particularly beneficial for those who are prone to sinusitis; which is a medical disorder that is triggered by strong odors. The symptoms can cause a lot of discomforts. The SoClean is designed to utilize a non-fragrant, chemical-free, active oxygen sanitization cycle that doesn’t leave any lingering smell on the CPAP mask or equipment.

A clogged CPAP mask will make you feel uncomfortable when you are inhaling via the mask. Even when you are seemingly asleep, you will feel restless and will wake up in the morning feeling tired. Lack of sufficient sleep can result in stress, irritability, loss of self-esteem, unprovoked anger, and the inability to be a good leader or team player. Whereas a relaxed and undisturbed sleep pattern will certainly promote emotional well-being.

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