SoClean CPAP Cleaner Review

Sanitizing CPAP Masks with the Soclean CPAP Cleaner and SanitizerThe SoClean CPAP Cleaner And Sanitizer is a machine that washes and dries parts of the sleep apnea equipment automatically by with activated oxygen. If you use a machine for sleep apnea, you are already taking the right step towards enhancing your health. However, part of having a machine involves frequent cleaning. Otherwise, you may be deteriorating your health rather than improving it.

Your CPAP equipment requires typically daily cleaning of the water chamber and mask. It also needs at least weekly cleaning of the tubing depending on the brand. A thorough cleaning of the equipment usually consists of warm water with a mild soap. Afterward, it is often advisable to let the parts hang to air-dry to prevent bacteria or fungi from forming.

It may be time-consuming to clean and completely dry. That may be the reason why many people with machines are not compliant with regular care. Luckily, cleaners on the market can clean and sanitize your machine for you in a lot less time.

SoClean CPAP cleaner and Sanitizer

Soclean CPAP Hose and Mask SanitizerLike in a hospital, the Soclean cpap cleaning machine is a cleaner and sanitizer that uses activated oxygen to sanitize. After generating activated oxygen, it pumps it through the equipment. The benefit of using activated oxygen is to kill germs and bacteria it gets into contact with while cleaning.

What sets the SoClean cleaner apart from other cleaners is the easiness of use. While using it, you place the equipment inside the SoClean device, close the lid and automatically start cleaning and sanitizing.

The SoClean Cleaner and Sanitizer easily connect to nearly all devices. Dealers may offer an adapter in case it is not compatible at no extra fee.

SoClean Cleaner Factors:

  • Cleaning sequence time of about 2 hours
  • The manufacturer provides a 30-day risk-free trial and free shipping.
  • Funding is available
  • A cartridge filter kit requires to be changed every six months at the cost of about $30, less if you subscribe to their email.

SoClean Coupons and Discounts

With the increasing fame of CPAP and raising awareness of sleep apnea, equipment manufacturers are tirelessly endeavoring to new market tactics to gain market share. From time to time, merchants offer coupons and discounts for the purchase of a new soclean cpap cleaning machine. Always be on the lookout for any active coupons or deals. Alternatively, you can also consult a dealer near you on how much does soclean cpap cleaner cost.

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