Lumin CPAP cleaner

Lumin CPAP cleaner


Lumin CPAP Cleaner and Bullet Combo

The Lumin uses a specialized high-powered germicidal UV bulb. The drawer is made from aluminium that is polished to improve the area covered by reflecting the UV light. Disinfection using UV works on fungi, molds, viruses and bacteria and is effective on your humidifier water chamber and CPAP mask. It keeps away bacteria and germs that would cause sicknesses.

The humidifier and CPAP masks are in contact with water, all through the night, which is a very ideal environment for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to breed. Using the Lumin daily will allow you to stay healthy. It also keeps you in compliance with the CPAP equipment. Due to the use of a type of high-energy light, the Lumin is very helpful when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your CPAP equipment and accessories.

To help your mask, hose, and water chamber clean and reduce the risk of infections, we advise that you use the Lumin twice a week to clean and disinfect your hose, water chamber and mask. When disinfecting your mask routinely, you are not required to disassemble it

If there is visible debris on the mask, you can always wipe it down or wash it before disinfecting it using the Lumin cleaner. You can always place the disassembled mask in the Lumin to aid with further disinfection

Hoses also benefit from disinfection with the Lumin cleaner, with the weekly recommendation being twice. This helps to prevent biofilm from accumulating in the areas that are hard to reach. To help you maintain a healthy experience with this equipment, you will need to replace the CPAP hose quarterly.

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Lumin CPAP Cleaner Features


Lumin Bullet Product Description

The Lumin Bullet takes advantage of UV Light to clean and sanitize water chambers and  CPAP hoses. This sleek and slim cleaning device is so effective that it cleans your CPAP equipment in minutes.

Do not allow your CPAP hose to be the breeding area for germs and bacteria that can cause you infections and illnesses. Any CPAP device that has hosing can use the Lumin Bullet including S8, S9, AirCurve, DreamStation, Airsense, Motif Dream, Fisher & Paykel, Phillips and RESMED, among many others.

This device poses a bullet shape and is run by magnetic energy. The Lumin bullet works effectively by moving along the tubing and gets rid of any accumulation of dirt and bacteria, making the cleaning process of the CPAP equipment easier and more efficient. While this device cannot take the place of a full CPAP sanitizer or cleaner, it is a good alternative for cleaning your equipment.

The metal device travels along the hose, it produces an LED light that kills bacteria and gets rid of any build-up, whether it is on the surface of the hose or it is embedded deep in the folds of the hose.This helps to keep the hose clean and makes it more effective in relieving you of your sleep apnea symptoms

To acquire one or to make inquiries on the same, give us a call or fill out the contact form. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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