Zen-0 Oxygen Concentrator

Zen-0 Oxygen Concentrator


The Zen-0 package has the following in the package:
• A carry bag.
• Battery, AC/DC.
• Power cables.
• Cords; North America, Europe, Uk.
• Pull cart.
• Filter wrench.
• Concentrator.
• 12 cell battery.
The following are the Zen-0 oxygen concentrator properties:
• Quiet running.
• Inspiratory trigger.
• Dual mode.
• Easy to use.
• Durable and long lasting.
• Alarm
• Easily replaceable sieve beds.

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The Zen-0 is a portable oxygen concentrator that provides oxygen to patients when both at home and when travelling. Our oxygen concentrator is aimed to improve the lifestyle of our patients for the duration oxygen therapy use. It is approved by commercial aircrafts meaning it is safe for you to carry along during flights. The Zen-0 is made to give our patients the best of both worlds ensuring that our customers’ needs are taken to heart. That is why the oxygen concentrator has two modes of use to increase your comfort. It has both the continuous flow mode and the pulse mode of oxygen therapy.

It is has a simplified mode of use with an intuitive button of operation and an LCD display. It is also responsive to our customers’ needs as it uses patented technology delivering up to 2 liters of oxygen per minute. Unlike other devices, the Zen-0 automatically increases the amount of oxygen delivered, in the case of a rise of the patients’ breath. It is built to last you long coming along a 3 year warranty with hours totaling to more than 15,000 hours, of quality use and reliability. It has a reliable battery too giving 4 hours with a single battery and 8 hours with 2 batteries.


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