FAQS about CPAP Machines

CPAP Machines blow air at the pressure prescribed by your physician regardless of how open or closed your airway is. This is the most common type of machine available as it the standard for traditional medical providers. High-end devices support therapy tracking software, off-grid power options, and heated humidification. Below are some top CPAP machine FAQs.

What is the Best CPAP Cleaning Machine?

Best way to clean CPAP machinesWe provide our customers with many tools to make informed decisions about their machine purchases. Options include:

  • Calling a CPAP Expert.
  • Use Comparison Charts – these charts connect available machines, feature by feature.
  • Browse Our Machine Product Categories to learn about each device we offer, ranked by popularity.

How Often Should I Clean my CPAP Filters?

Washable CPAP filters should be cleaned when they become discolored. Manufacturers recommend that the best way to clean CPAP machine be rinsing weekly under clear running water and allowed to air dry before use. The filter may require more frequent cleaning, mainly if the CPAP machine is used in a very dusty environment.

How can I find replacement supplies for my CPAP Machine?

Are you wondering which filters work for your CPAP machine? To find the parts that are well-matched with your machine or the best way to clean a CPAP machine? Here is what you should do:

  • Use our Replacement Part Wizard to pinpoint your device and identify all the related parts.
  • Browse for your machine and click the “Replacement Parts” button on your machine’s product page.

How do I Change the Pressure setting of My Machine?

Cleaning CPAP masks, hoses and supplies with SoCleanYou may move to an area with a very different altitude and does not have an altitude compensating machine. In such a case, there are several ways to ensure you are receiving CPAP therapy at the correct pressure when a physician orders a pressure change.

You should also seek guidance from your doctor on what is the best way to clean a CPAP machine. Sleep laboratories and sleep disorder centers may help in making this pressure change. Feel free to call a local hospital or ask your physician to recommend a sleep lab, and be sure to take your prescription.

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