The Best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers: A Review of ResMed swift fxResMed Swift™ FX

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People sleep in various positions, and sleep apnea tolerant individuals usually “toss and turn” during their sleep as they find it difficult to take breaths in one definite position.

Most sleep apnea patients are side sleepers, and the CPAP mask cover should help you sleep correctly in that position. Wide varieties of masks are there for different kinds of sleepers (which can get overwhelming!).

You are likely suffering from sleep apnea, and you should always first consider your sleeping positions to buy the correct CPAP mask. We have covered

Best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers 2020

ResMed swift fxResMed Swift™ FX

The Swift™ FX, also known as Swift™ FX Bella or “Swift™ FX for Her,” is one of the comfiest CPAP masks. Why is it so comfortable?

It is not all over your face like most full masks are; it is ideally lightweight and will last you a long time due to its simplicity.

This is probably the most basic, simple, lightweight mask available. It is nothing confusing and works, making it one of the best CPAP for mouth breathers.

The nose piece is a nasal pillow that perfectly fits into your nostrils. The hose connection to the nasal pillow is very stable. It offers the best sleeping position for the CPAP machine.

The ear loops look to be customized for side sleepers, and several cushion sizes, as well as its soft headgear, gives it suppleness and guarantee a good rest no matter your sleep position.

ResMed recently came out with a new CPAP called the ResMed Nano, which is just a few more tweaks to this one, particularly the nose piece.

It no longer is a nasal pillow, but rather a cradle cushion/female-type receiver that you place your nose in.

ResMed did this for those who don’t like nasal pillows and the feeling of something in your nostrils.

They also made this nose piece a little more flexible, where it connects to the tube instead of being more stable on the original ResMed Swift FX. All-in-all, both are very similar besides the nose mask piece.

The Nano is a little more expensive, being it is newer.

And if you already have the original ResMed Swift and are thinking you could convert to the Nano by replacing the nose piece, you CAN NOT do this.

The hoses are in multiple sizes, and it is like ResMed did this just so you would have to buy the whole thing, which is about like any product (all about the money).

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