Causes for Contact Sores with CPAP Use

Sore nose from CPAP nasal pillows

Contact pressure sores and CPAP scalp sores are typically associated with those who are bed-ridden. However, this painful condition can also occur after using a face mask hurts nose. Not only is it highly uncomfortable, but it also interferes with your sleep apnea treatment procedure. In this article, we offer three common reasons why contact pressure sores happen and what you can do to address them and create a more comfortable CPAP mask.

  1. Wrong CPAP Headgear Tension

    Often, a tight CPAP mask can lead to pressure sores. When the straps are pulled too tight, they may cause your CPAP mask to dig into your skin (around the nose and mouth) for seven to eight hours a night. That automatically causes a pressure ulcer on bridge of nose. On the other hand, when straps are not tight enough, they will cause the CPAP mask to shift throughout the night. Consequently, the friction caused as the mask moves about causes irritation as it rubs against your skin. If you have trouble setting the right tension for your CPAP mask, request the experts for assistance.

  2. The CPAP Mask is Dirty

    As you use your CPAP machine, dirt and oils from your skin accumulate on the surface of your CPAP mask. If it is not cleaned and sanitized correctly, it can eventually cause irritation and make the skin to break down. If the mask is dirty and too tight that it causes mask blisters on your face, then the bacteria and germs may make the sores worse.

    The best remedy for this is getting into the habit of cleaning the mask’s surface once a day using a damp towel. Alternatively, you can use CPAP mask wipes or the so clean CPAP cleaner to clean the mast and other CPAP parts.

  3. The CPAP Mask is Old

    Comfortable CPAP mask

    Over time, the cushions on your CPAP mask break down. That creates contact between your skin and the edges of the mask. In turn, that may cause a sore nose from CPAP nasal pillows. Notably, some CPAP models allow you to swap out the old cushions, letting you get the best out of your CPAP mask. If it is time for you to update your CPAP mask, check out the wide variety at CPAP dealer outlet near you.

    If you have issues after making these adjustments, do not hesitate to reach out to the CPAP experts. We can help you settle on the best solution to ensure that you get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

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