CPAP Machine Cost – A Quick Guide

CPAP Machine CostPeople who want to use CPAP therapy daily know how crucial it is to find a reliable device for their therapy. The market is abounding in offers, and prices can begin from as little as $200 for a travel style CPAP and exceed several thousand for a technologically advanced oxygen therapy machine. CPAP machine costs highly depend on factors like manufacturer, features included, extra additions, or included accessories such as a CPAP mask, tubing system, or others.

In case you struggle with snoring or wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air, you might get diagnosed with OSA – or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In this case, you may have to utilize a CPAP device to receive enough oxygen into your lungs continuously. Such a medical device will assist you to breathe naturally during sleep and then wake up relaxed and ready to start your day fully energized. Quite regularly, patients with sleep apnea who do not utilize a CPAP device wake up in the morning with a fuzzy feeling, headaches, and a low mood in general. This happens mainly since they did not enjoy a restful night of sleep. If your doctor diagnoses you with sleep apnea, they will prescribe the right CPAP device for you.

So, where can you purchase a CPAP device? How much does a CPAP machine cost? Does my insurance cover it? These are all queries that will get an answer in this tutorial.

How Much Does a CPAP Machine Cost?

When it comes to CPAP machine cost, there is no worldwide price available. There are dozens of brands and various technologies available, so the prices vary greatly depending on these features. On average, a CPAP machine can cost as low as $400/ $500, and the price can surpass even $3,500. AutoCPAP or BiPAP equipment, in general, are more costly than the standard CPAP machines. Also, once you receive your physician’s recommendation concerning the kind of machine you would need, it is much cheaper to purchase your device online.

Please bear in mind you should buy your device only through a highly rated, trustworthy, and reputable provider. You can save several hundred by purchasing online vs. buying in a physical store offering medical equipment. When you opt to buy online, you also get a wider range of choices. You can easily find the correct machine tailored to your exact requirements by browsing online.

Accessories that Increase the Cost of Your CPAP

CPAP Machine CleanerBesides the CPAP machine itself, you should also consider the cost of different accessories that you will require to use the device. For instance, a humidifier is unnecessary for CPAP oxygen therapy, but you might want to buy one to enjoy a more comfortable treatment. Some other extra parts, such as the filters, the hose, or the CPAP mask, are all needed for CPAP therapy. You need to buy these separately, so the cost of the CPAP equipment will be more than just the price of the machine itself

Next, to enjoy comfortable and safe therapy, you need to regularly think about cleaning/ disinfecting your device. If you wish to invest in a CPAP cleaner, you should add at least $150+ to the overall cost of the CPAP equipment. Alternatively, until you buy a sanitizer, you can use bacteria filters, and special mask/ CPAP wipes to maintain your machine and accessories clean.

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