What You Need to Know About CPAP Machines

CPAP MachinesIf you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you may have been told you require a home CPAP device. You may be under the impression these devices are big, bulky, uncomfortable, and noisy, but CPAP devices have come a long way. What’s more, the benefits of CPAP machines can assist you to enhance your quality of sleep and overall health.

If you are feeling hesitant about beginning your CPAP treatment, it may help to understand what CPAP devices are and how they work.

How Do CPAP Devices Work?

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine utilizes air pressure to keep the airway open during sleep. They work by blowing air through a tube that is attached to a CPAP mask that attaches to the face by Velcro straps.

CPAP devices can be adjusted to allow for different pressures. The ideal pressure is usually determined during a sleep study, also referred to as a CPAP titration study, designed to calibrate your air pressure setting. Many top-rated CPAP devices use algorithms and pressure sensors to determine the best pressure.

Many CPAP machines have the choice for “ramp time,” meaning that when the machine is turned on, it can start at low pressure and slowly increase the pressure until it reaches the patient’s prescribed level of pressure. This makes the pressure more tolerable for some individuals, providing them an opportunity to get used to the increasing pressure.

CPAP Machine Price

Home CPAP devices range from about $500 to $3000, with an estimated average of around $850. They also vary in size, although many machines are about the size of a lunch box. You can also get small CPAP devices or travel CPAP machines to suit your lifestyle requirements.

When buying a home CPAP machine, especially your first, getting a quality device from a reputable manufacturer is crucial. By talking with your physician and the durable medical equipment (DME) specialists at your sleep clinic, you can find a warrantied CPAP device with the features you need in your price range.

Use CPAP MachinesHere are some of the top-rated CPAP devices you may need to consider.

Starting Out with a CPAP Device

Getting quality sleep is significant for physical and mental health, and if you have OSA, a home CPAP machine may be the answer for you. There are many benefits of CPAP equipment, and many patients have found that these devices have solved their sleep apnea and snoring issues.

If you cannot seem to adapt to your household CPAP machine, talk with your doctor to ensure you have the correct pressure and fit. You can also consider trying other treatments options

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