Do CPAP Users Need to Worry About the Coronavirus?

Best way to clean CPAP machine
COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, has dominated headlines for the last several months, sparking worry across the globe as the number of confirmed cases and deaths associated with the virus.  It has also raised a concern about how CPAP users should handle coronavirus. Several states across the U.S have declared states of emergency, grocery stores have exhausted hand sanitizer and other necessities, and stock markets have plunged.

In the midst of all this turmoil, those with underlying health conditions such as sleep apnea have likely been even more concerned than the average citizen. Reports on how to manage sleep apnea during the covid pandemic indicate that those with pre-existing health issues like sleep apnea are more likely to experience severe symptoms as a result of contracting the coronavirus.

Coronavirus and Pre-Existing Health Conditions

One of the most alarming information for CPAP users is that preliminary reports indicate that those with an underlying health condition have a greater mortality rate from the coronavirus. That includes individuals with chronic respiratory diseases like obstructive sleep apnea and COPD. WHO reports shows a mortality rate of eight percent for patients with such diseases, as opposed to a 0.9 percent rate for those without underlying conditions.

How You Can Protect Yourself against the novel covid 19

What other steps should you take if sleep alone is not enough to protect you from the coronavirus? As the CDC explains, scientists are yet to get a vaccine for this disease. Due to this, the best way to avoid getting sick is following the same guidelines used to prevent the spread of the flu and other comparable illnesses.

Notably, CPAP users should avoid touching their face, as the nose, mouth, and eyes present an easy avenue for viruses to enter the body. They should also obtain cpap sanitizer machines to ensure thorough cleaning of their CPAP machines.

How to clean a cpap machine – Maintaining Sanitary Conditions

CPAP sanitizer machinesAnother major concern for CPAP users is how they should continue using their CPAP machine when the coronavirus continues posing a great risk. You should not stop using your CPAP machine out of fears of the coronavirus. In fact, you should use your device but ensure that you are performing regular cleaning cycles, while using a cpap machine cleaner.

Remember, the purpose of the CPAP machine is keeping your airways open throughout your sleep. The continuous flow of air pressure can ease breathing problems. Additionally, using your CPAP device at night will ensure your body is better relaxed to fight disease.

Keeping Up with CPAP in these Challenging Times

Do CPAP machines aggravate coronavirus? At a time like this when the coronavirus is sparking fear across the globe, it is only natural that CPAP users would feel more worried. Even though you cannot control what happens in the world around you, you can control how you care for yourself and how you address your health conditions.

There is no reason to stop using your CPAP device in the midst of the current outbreak. You should endeavor to know best way to clean cpap machine to keep it effective. Remaining compliant with your sleep apnea treatment could help you stay healthy and evade developing more severe problems.

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