The CPAP cleaner we sell here at Best CPAP Cleaner is a device called VirtuCLEAN. This CPAP cleaning device is unique because of the way it works. It uses ozone, which is activated oxygen to kill 99% of the pathogens that can wreak havoc in your CPAP machine.

All you have to do is plug your CPAP machine into the VirtuCLEAN device and turn it on. It only takes 30 minutes from start to finish to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses. No other CPAP cleaning method is easier than VirtuCLEAN.

How Does Ozone Work?

VirtuCLEAN generates ozone, which kills bacteria in this way:

VirtuCLEAN Makes CPAP cleaning easy

  • The ozone (activated oxygen) meets the cell wall, which is a vital part of the structure of the bacteria.
  • When the ozone makes contact with the cell wall, an oxidative burst occurs which creates a tiny hole in the wall.
  • This hole injures the bacteria cell.
  • The bacteria cell starts to lose its shape while more ozone continues to create more holes.
  • Thousands of oxidation bursts occur over the course of a few seconds.
  • The bacteria cell cannot hold its shape, and the cell dies.

An important aspect of cleaning with ozone is that bacteria cannot build an immunity to it, due to the unique way it destroys the structure of the bacteria.

Unique Benefits Of VirtuClean CPAP Cleaning Device

It’s small size; it measures 4.75” in length by 3.75 inches in width by 2.12 inches in height. It takes up very little space and is easily transported.

  • It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You don’t have to worry about having access to an electric outlet or the voltage. Its battery has a ten-year lifespan, and each charge will give you seven full cleaning cycles.
  • Recharges from any USB port. You can even use an AC outlet by using a USB adapter.
  • Requires no water, soap, or cleaning solutions
  • Ultra Quiet
  • No filter replacements required
  • No special adapters required
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty

Disinfect All Of Your CPAP Equipment

Your CPAP cleaner should clean every aspect of your sleep apnea equipment including your mask, humidifier, and any accessories you use. With VirtuCLEAN you simply place your mask, humidifier, and any other accessories into the mask compartment and turn the device on.

Dirty CPAP equipment can make you very sick; It may contain harmful bacteria that can cause pneumonia. You can get symptoms of a sore throat, sneezing, airway irritation, congestion, respiratory infections, and skin irritations. If your CPAP machine uses a humidifier there is an increased risk of your device attracting mold. Properly maintaining a clean humidifier is especially crucial for safe CPAP therapy.


CPAP machine

Just one drop of water left to fester in your CPAP machine or equipment creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. When you use soap and water to clean your machine, it is tough to get dry, especially in time for you to use your machine the next night. That is why a waterless cleaning device is the best choice. You don’t have to worry about any leftover moisture. VirtuCLEAN keeps your CPAP equipment dry during the entire cleaning process.

Cleaning only your CPAP device is not enough. Often, your mask is the dirtiest part of your machine because it attracts bacteria and viruses from your skin and around your mouth and even the surrounding environment. The VirtuCLEAN cleaning device will clean all of your equipment to ensure that it is safe to use.

Get The Best Cleaning With A CPAP Cleaner

VirtuCLEAN does a better job of efficiently eliminating harmful germs than soap and water or CPAP wipes. The ozone reaches every nook and cranny of your machine without requiring any disassembly. You can be more confident that your equipment is clean and safe when you use VirtuCLEAN.

Experts recommend that patients clean their Machine and equipment every day. The problem is that most patients do not adhere to a regular cleaning schedule, because washing all of their equipment with soap and water every day is too much of a hassle. VirtuCLEAN eliminates the hassle of cleaning your sleep apnea equipment. With this CPAP cleaning device, you can enjoy clean CPAP therapy while prolonging the life of your equipment.