CPAP mask for sleep apneaIf you are in a rush and just need to find out what is the most comfortable CPAP mask, then we’d recommend the ResMed AirTouch F20 as the most luxurious full face mask, the ResMed AirFit P10 as the most comfortable nasal pillow mask, the ResMed Mirage FX as the most comfortable nasal mask and the ResMed Mirage Liberty Hybrid Mask as the most comfortable hybrid mask.

The perfect CPAP device is crucial when treating your sleep apnea. But only if you pair it with your flawless CPAP mask. For many individuals, the number one consideration is going to be the comfort, which is why we have created our guideline to the most comfortable CPAP masks of 2020.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you are going to have to get it treated. Possibly for your sake and a bed partner, you may have. Chronic fatigue can lead to a wide range of problems, either now or later in life. Heart failure, obesity, strokes, and the injuries caused by being too tired to handle all that life throws at you. Also, you don’t want to spend every day just feeling tired as if you had no sleep. You may be prescribed CPAP treatment, utilizing a home CPAP device, and for many people, the idea of this can seem a little daunting.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t need to be. We know of many people who were so uncomfortable with wearing a mask to sleep in. But since they followed our advice on the most comfortable CPAP masks, they now give it about as much thought as brushing their teeth before bed.

The 4 Most Comfortable CPAP Masks

  1. ResMed AirTouch F20 (Most Comfortable Full Face Mask)
  2. ResMed AirFit P10 (Most Comfortable Nasal Pillow Mask)
  3. ResMed Mirage FX (Most Comfortable Nasal Mask)
  4. ResMed Mirage Liberty (Most Comfortable Hybrid Mask)

The Best CPAP Mask Types

What kinds of masks are going to feature on the list for the most comfortable CPAP masks of 2020? Well, all three; full-face, nasal pillow, and nasal mask.

  • Full face: Do not be put off by the name. It doesn’t cover your whole face, similar to a hockey goalie. But it covers your mouth and nose. This indicates that you’re more likely to receive incredible levels of treatment. It does not mean you have to sacrifice luxury, though.
  • Nasal pillow: These add two prongs into the nose, cushioned by two nasal pillows and leaving the mouth uncovered. If your uneasiness stems from a sensation of claustrophobia rather than being physically uncomfortable, this may be the mask to look at. Also, the preferred choice for persons with facial hair.
  • Nasal mask: These simply cover your nose, and your treatment is administered that way. In terms of comfort, these are often a great option as they generally provide a more significant amount of freedom of movement as you sleep; an attractive option if you are a side sleeper.
  • Hybrid mask: There are also hybrid masks that cover the mouth but use pillows to create a seal within the nose. These types of masks are used to address specific issues, such as having problems with chafing or irritation on the bridge of the nose or inner cheek.

CPAP Machine maskYour preference of mask for a good night of sleep is going to be as precise to you like the mattress you’ve bought and the kind of pillow you favor but our guide to the most comfortable CPAP masks of 2020 will point you in the correct direction and assist you in having your CPAP treatment be just another factor in a great night’s sleep and not some horrible annoyance.


These 4 masks are our recommendation for the greatest comfortable CPAP mask of 2020. Comfort doesn’t mean the same things to everyone; it is unique to you as a person. Ensure you’ve read our sleep apnea guide, as this might flag up some things you possibly hadn’t considered until now. Plus, of course, we would love to provide you our expert advice, so be sure to contact us.

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