VirtuClean 2.0 Review

Virtuclean 2.0 CPAP DisinfectorVirtuClean 2.0 is a digital CPAP cleaning and disinfecting device. This is an automated sanitizer offered by Virtuox. According to consumers, this is one of the best selections when it comes to disinfecting and cleaning equipment for your CPAP device. It is a revolutionary sanitizer that is perfect for daily utilization. The unit assists in maintaining your CPAP equipment always clean and ready for use. It eliminates 99.9% of the germs, bacteria, and viruses that reside inside the tubing or the mask of your CPAP quickly and efficiently. This way, you can get rid of any viruses that can cause health risks.

The VirtuClean 2.0 model comes with an in-built design. It features an LCD screen, a timer that helps you keep track of the sanitation process, numerous reminder alarms that are customizable, and a bag that you will use for the sanitation process. Within the packaging, you will also obtain a standard adapter. To reduce the scent of ozone, this item also comprises a filter.

It is vital to mention that Virtuclean 2.0 uses only naturally activated oxygen to perfectly clean and disinfect your CPAP device. Besides viruses and bacteria, the Virtuclean 2.0 will also efficiently fight any mold residues that might be present within parts of your equipment. Mold is extremely dangerous, and it can accumulate inside parts of your CPAP, specifically if you are using a humidification system with your CPAP.

Using Virtuclean 2.0 is a much better option than cleaning your equipment using soap and water. With this sanitizer, you can rest assured that all parts are cleaned and disinfected. What’s more, you will not have to spend time drying the tubing, the mask, or any other parts. You simply take out your CPAP components dry and ready for the subsequent usage. Virtuclean 2.0 weighs just ½ pounds, so it represents the perfect choice for regular travelers. Just take it with you in your carry-on luggage and use it conveniently wherever you go. This way, you can get peace of mind that your CPAP is perfectly clean and disinfected irrespective of where you want to travel and for how long.

  • The ideal travel CPAP disinfection tool
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to utilize with innovative features
  • Best not only for travel but also for home care. Takes up little space
  • Sanitize quickly and efficient your hose, mask and water chamber
  • 24-month warranty

New & Enhanced Features of Virtuclean 2.0 Reviews

Virtuclean 2.0 nowadays comes with a new design, a stylish storage bag, and also a practical countdown timer. Virtuclean 2.0 permits a one-step, automatic cleaning process. You just have to press start, and the unit will clean and disinfect your device.
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  • Total times cleansed last week counter – This feature is especially useful if you need to keep a clear track of the number of times you typically disinfect your equipment every week.
  • Total times used counter– This should provide you with an idea of how many times you already used your cleaner since the purchase.
  • Reminder to clean feature – This great feature, reminds you when it is appropriate to clean the sanitizer itself. To perform correctly and efficiently, you should clean the machine at regular intervals.
  • Battery charge meter time left until complete discharge. This will assist you in understanding how long you can still use your machine without charging.

Virtuclean 2.0 is a very quiet machine. It will not interrupt anyone, and you can use it discreetly in your hotel room or your bathroom. It also comes with an exclusive and stylish spherical design with a non-medical look.

Many patients have a standard cleaner for home use, such as the SoClean. This enables them to also clean/disinfect the machine. Besides, having a standard cleaner, most consider it crucial to invest in a travel-friendly, small and compact cleaner like VirtuClean 2.0. Many patients do not like to use their larger sized cleaner every time, but they opt to use the VirtuClean 2.0 quite often even at home.

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