How to Clean Your CPAP Supplies Properly – A Quick Guide

Seeking CPAP cleaning solutions is significant to help decrease the risk of respiratory infections while using your CPAP. Proper cleaning and maintenance is vital for keeping your machine operating at greatest performance and warranting durability. Read on to understand why, when, and how to clean CPAP supplies!

Why Cleaning Your CPAP Is Important

Cleaning Your CPAPYour CPAP machine helps you by sending a constant flow of air pressure into your airway. The air is typically humidified and presents a breeding ground for mold and bacteria to grow and reproduce. Dust and allergens can also contaminate your CPAP over a specific period. These pathogens can be inhaled, making you sick or suffer from allergy symptoms.

Dead skin cells and oils from your face and hands can accumulate on your mask and lead to irritation or poor mask seal. Keeping a clean CPAP equipment extend the life of your supplies. If you clean your CPAP accessories regularly, you might help make them last longer. Thus, you might solve common CPAP problems like noise during cleaning and skin irritation.

How to Clean Your CPAP Supplies Properly?

You should clean and sanitize your CPAP machine and supplies following the manufacturers’ recommendations. Most instructions recommend daily or at least twice per week. However, we understand that a daily cleaning schedule is difficult, especially if you are sick. How do I clean my CPAP equipment? The following are steps to clean your CPAP:

  1. Clean and sanitize all of your CPAP supplies in the morning to allow sufficient time to air dry.
  2. Unplug your device and disassemble every part, including the water chamber. Wipe the exterior using a clean, dry cloth to remove present dust or debris.
  3. Wash all parts including the CPAP mask, tubing, and water chamber with warm soapy water. Use a mild soap, such as Dawn or Ivory.
  4. Rinse with your CPAP hose and other parts using clean water. If you choose, at this point you may use vinegar to disinfect your supplies after they have been washed without the recommended cleaner. To do this, soak your supplies in a solution of vinegar for approximately 30 minutes before rinsing with clean water.
  5. Allow all supplies to air dry.

How to Clean CPAP Supplies

Best Way to Clean Your CPAP SuppliesIf you are concerned about what to use to clean CPAP supplies, you might consider using specialized CPAP cleaning solution with germicide. However, you should NEVER use bleach or other household chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners have a tendency of leaving behind harmful residues that can irritate the skin or create toxic fumes.

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