There is a lot of misinformation out there about the right way to clean a CPAP machine and the best cleaning solution to use. While some people swear that soap and water cleaning is enough, cynics point to scientific evidence that says otherwise. Others prefer natural products like vinegar or another natural cleaning agent to eliminate dirt and buildup from their CPAP machine, but are they really getting the unit as clean as it should be?

Here is a look at the different kinds of cleaning solutions that you may be considering using on your CPAP, and the advantages of each one.Which Cleaning Solution is Best for Your CPAP Machine?

Soap and Water Solutions

Some patients use a combination of household soap and water to get their CPAP mask and tubing clean. This can be challenging for a variety of reasons, including:

Dish or household soap is made to clean away traces of food and will naturally remove some of the grease and buildup inside the CPAP mask. However, it does not have the power to kill microscopic bacteria and mold growth. Some dish soaps claim to be anti-microbial, which can confuse buyers into thinking it will kill germs, when in fact, that is not the case. Common flu and cold germs, for example, can’t be killed with dish soap. These kinds of pollutants can continue to grow even after you try to scrub them away with a soap and water mix.

Soap and water cleaning requires scrubbing to be effective. If you are trying to clean the inside of your tubing, you may need special brushes and cloths to reach the cracks and crevices. Scrubbing each part of the machine and add on pieces can take more time than you realize on a weekly basis.

There is really no way to know how effective this cleaning method is. While you may succeed in removing the obvious traces of dirt and buildup, there can still be bacteria in place that you can’t see. Though they may be small, these bacteria can damage your health if allowed to stay in place.


Recently, natural alternatives to chemical cleaning compounds have made a comeback in popularity. People who have small children at home or who are concerned about the effects of chemical cleaners on the environment may reject buying cleaning solutions in favor of making their own using more natural products, like vinegar. As a result, you may be confused about how powerful vinegar is and how you can use it. While vinegar is a powerful natural cleaning solution, it can’t provide the kind of cleaning power of other natural cleaners, like ozone gas. Some of the harmful bacteria that you may come into contact with in everyday life, like staph, are resistant to vinegar. Simple vinegar solutions are better for use on obvious dirt around the house.

Bleach and Other Cleaning Solutions

Traditional cleaning solutions like bleach and other disinfectant cleaners are potent ways to kill any bacteria. Unfortunately, increased exposure to chemicals is not ideal for your health, and bleach is one of the harshest chemical compounds. In fact, bleach is only intended for household cleaning uses, and should never come in contact with your skin, hands or eyes. Even a diluted bleach solution can leave traces of chemicals in your CPAP mask and tubing, which is then filtered directly into the air you breathe as you sleep. Since bleach is so harsh on the skin and lungs, exposure to traces of bleach left in a CPAP machine can lead to skin irritation and respiratory infections.

Ozone Cleaning

Ozone CleaningOzone is the most effective way of cleaning the CPAP unit while keeping yourself safe. Exposure to ozone kills bacteria instantly and neutralizes any mildew or mold growth. Ozone is a natural substance that does not leave any harmful residue, so even the environmentally conscious consumer can feel good about using it. A CPAP cleaning machine like VirtuCLEAN with builtin ozone technology harnesses ozone power and leaves nothing for the user to do. Unlike soap and water cleaning, there is no scrubbing or special cleaning tools needed.

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